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The story of artists who graduated from agricultural colleges

The story of artists who graduated from agricultural colleges

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The first Faculty of Agriculture in Egypt and the Middle East was the Faculty of Agriculture at Cairo University, which was transformed from a high school into a university college in 1935.

Followed by the Faculty of Agriculture in the city of Damanhour, which moved in 1947 to its current headquarters at the University of Alexandria. After that, Cairo witnessed the emergence of a second Faculty of Agriculture in 1950 with the establishment of Ain Shams University.

As for the Faculty of Agriculture of Zagazig University, it was opened in 1958 as a higher agricultural institute, and it turned into a Faculty of Agriculture affiliated with the branch of Ain Shams University in Zagazig in 1969 until it joined Zagazig University after the latter was established in 1974.

But what does all this have to do with art?

It is strange that a few of the most famous Egyptian artists began their academic life by enrolling in these agricultural colleges, for reasons including their rural origins, and they have already graduated, but the difficult life conditions and the hardship of getting a job that suits their agricultural specialization, and their discovery of their artistic talents through acting on the university stage met each other To push them to leave their college degrees on the shelf and direct them into the world of art, fame and limelight.

Among these are Adel Imam, who graduated from the Faculty of Agriculture at Cairo University in 1962, specializing in plant production, and George Sidhom (t. 2020), who graduated from the Faculty of Agriculture at Ain Shams University in 1961, and his artistic start was through a television segment entitled “Cold Shower” in 1961 When he was working as an agricultural engineer in the “Abyss” area near Alexandria.

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And the artist Salah Al-Saadani, a graduate of the Faculty of Agriculture at Cairo University in 1967, who met Adel Imam in his college and represented him on its stage, before he became a professional with the latter, and comedy star Samir Ghanem (T: 2021), who graduated from the Faculty of Agriculture at Ain Shams University before He joined the “Three Lights of the Stage” troupe in 1963.

And the great artist Mahmoud Abdel Aziz (T: 2016), who graduated from the Faculty of Agriculture at Alexandria University with a specialization in “economic insects”, then obtained a master’s degree in beekeeping, and during his studies he was one of the activists of the theater team in its entirety, before entering art by participating in a series The vortex in 1973 with Mahmoud Yassin and Nelly, and finally the able artist Sayed Abdel Karim (t: 2012), whose story is different from the rest.

After obtaining a Bachelor’s degree in Agriculture from Alexandria University, he continued his studies until he obtained his master’s and doctorate degrees, and then became a university professor in the field of agricultural pest resistance at Benha University. During that time, he was drawn to work in art, which he loved since his early childhood years and practiced through the school theater.

He participated for the first time in the series “The Witness and Tears” in 1983, assuming the role of “Arbaji” without being ashamed of the role in front of his students. Thus, “his colleagues at the university considered him a university professor with the rank of artist, while his colleagues in the artistic community treated him on the basis that he was an artist with the rank of university professor.

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Among the artists to whom our words apply is the artist Dalal Abdel Aziz (T: 2021), who received a Bachelor of Agriculture in 1977 from Zagazig University, but she preferred to work in art through some small roles such as the series “Bint Al Ayam” before she launched into the world of stardom and married Samir. Ghanem in 1984. Also among them is the able artist Mohsina Tawfik (t.: 2019).

She, too, obtained a bachelor’s degree in agriculture in 1968 before entering the world of lights through her collaboration with director Youssef Chahine in his well-known set of films, not to mention her participation in a number of famous TV series such as Layali Al Helmiya, Back Streets, Umm Kulthum, Al Wasiyah, Al Asfour, the Thief and the Dogs.

Among the agricultural graduates who excelled in the world of film directing is director Mohamed Fadel, who graduated from the Faculty of Agriculture at Alexandria University in 1960 and was one of the acting stars in his college, which prompted him to study film directing while he was at the Faculty of Agriculture.