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The story of Sally Ride, the first American woman to reach space, a physicist, and her birthday is an annual party

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Over the ages and years, women have achieved themselves in various parts of the world and occupied a great position in various fields. They did not succumb to the looks of belittling them and their ability to achieve the impossible. We find women scientists, astronauts, inventors and builders of civilizations, which made them register their names in the Guinness Book of Records in breaking records in The list of achievements, including Sally Ride, was the first American woman to reach space, despite her young age at the time, until her birthday on May 26 was designated as a celebration to honor her.

Sally Ride was the first American woman to travel to outer space as an astronaut, something that has made the United States of America celebrate her every year, as a powerful reminder of the amazing achievements, and an opportunity to encourage girls interested in space and science, and has been celebrated since 2003.

In the following lines, “Hun” provides the most important information about the American astronaut Sally Ride, according to the NASA website.

Sally Ride was born in 1951 in Los Angeles, California.

Sally Ride studied English and Physics at Stamford University and earned her PhD in Physics, on research into the interaction between X-rays and the interstellar medium.

– She was selected as one of the first six female astronauts at NASA, out of 1,000 competitors.

– After her NASA training in 1979, Dr. Ride served as a capsule communicator on the second and third flights of the Space Shuttle Columbia.

In 1983, Sally Ride became the first American woman in space after joining the crew of the space shuttle Challenger.

Sally Ride, once again, was able to participate in the ascent of space in the space shuttle flight in 1984.

– Dr. Sally Ride was the youngest astronaut in space at 32 years old.

EarthKAM was founded so that students could take digital pictures of the Earth using a camera aboard the International Space Station.

– Established a robotic limb between 1981 and 1982, worked on developing the automatic limb of the shuttle.

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