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الصورة المزعومة للقمر مركبة وليست حقيقية

The story of the clearest picture of the moon taken by NASA… Fact or installation?

An exquisite image was spread on social media, which was said to be one of the clearest images taken by NASA of the moon.

The image shows the full moon with clear colors and accurate details, and the accompanying comments stated that it is an “infinite quality image of the moon taken by NASA.”

The photo with this claim has received hundreds of posts and thousands of interactions on Facebook and Twitter since 2021.

But Agence France-Presse revealed that this claim is incorrect, and that the image is not natural and was not taken by NASA, but rather was published by a French researcher who said he installed it using parts from thousands of available images of the moon.

NASA often publishes pictures of the Moon or Earth from space, or of any of the planets of the solar system and its bodies that fly in the vicinity of the agency’s probes. As for the image circulating on the communication sites, it is not one of the images distributed by the American Agency, and it is not a natural image, but rather it is electronically processed.

The search for it on search engines found that it was published in 2021 on an Instagram account called Astronophilos managed by Anthony Salsi, a researcher at the Astronomical Observatory of Côte d’Azur in France.

In the explanation attached to the image, the researcher, who is especially interested in photographing celestial bodies, said that he prepared this image using parts from thousands of photographs he himself had taken of the moon. And Salsey explained the technical path he used to compose this image, so it looks so clear.

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