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The story of the series The Office, the Saudi version

The story of the series The Office, the Saudi version, is one of the most prominent and famous works of art in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, as it is the Saudi comedy work. Information about the Saudi Office series, to get to its full story, the main hero of the work and the co-team, in addition to the scenes of the series.

The Office series, Saudi version

The Office series is one of the series currently shown and is based on the events of the American series of the same name, and the following is information about this work

  • Work name Office series.
  • Genre of work: Drama, Comedy.
  • Saudi Arabia filming location.
  • The working language is the Saudi dialect.
  • The name of the director is Hisham Fathy.
  • Posted by Abdullah Dhahran.
  • Cast: Saleh Abu Amra.
  • Producer: Shady Mekdad.
  • Then the artistic producer Riad Ahmed.
  • Director of Photography Alessandra Martella.
  • The viewing channel is an electronic platform.
  • Episodes 20 episodes.
  • Production company MBC Productions, BBC British Productions.

The story of the series The Office, the Saudi version

The events of the Saudi Office series revolve around a group of employees working in a postal services company in the capital of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Riyadh.

How many episodes of the series “The Office”, the Saudi version?

The number of episodes of the Saudi Office series is twenty episodes, as the production channels will depend on viewing rates for the first twenty episodes to complete the other parts of it, because the American version consists of two hundred and four episodes, and this combines work between drama and comedy, where a Saudi team participates with actors known for their comic nature.

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Who is the hero of the series “The Office”, the Saudi version?

The hero of the series The Saudi Office is actor Saleh Abu Amra, a Saudi actor and content maker, born and raised in the city of Al-Nammad in the south of the Kingdom. His first experience was creating content on the YouTube platform through short programs, and among Saudi youth companies, it is mentioned that Saleh Abu Amra was born in January 1987 and is 35 years old.

The office series crew

A number of the Kingdom’s rising youth representatives are participating in the Saudi version of the Maqta series, and these actors create a special environment for comedy and seriousness, and the following is the series’ crew

  • The hero, Saleh Abu Amra.
  • Actor Saad Aziz.
  • Actor Nawaf Al-Shubaily.
  • Artist Fahd Al-Batiri.
  • Actress Reem Mansour.
  • Artist Yassin Ghazzawi.
  • Actress Maryam Abdel Rahman.
  • The actress here is Somali.
  • Artist Hisham Hawsawi.
  • Guest paper Mohammed Kilani.

The dates of the presentation of the series “The Office” and the carrier channels

The Shahid platform began broadcasting episodes of the Saudi version of The Office on the twenty-first of this month, and its first two episodes were broadcast in the first week of the show, with the episode broadcast at twelve midnight every Friday, and the presentation of its first episodes enjoyed the love of the masses, especially as it resumes the story of the series The American version, which ended twenty years ago.

Link to watch episodes of The Office series, Saudi version

Episodes of the series “The Office” in its Saudi version can be watched in high quality by clicking on the link “”, where every Friday the Shahid electronic platform presents the episodes of this work in addition to short summaries of the presented episodes, while the same platform with its paid version “Watch VIP” displays exciting parts Interesting of upcoming episodes before they are shown.

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The Saudi Office series behind the scenes

The “Office” series crew shared scenes of the series’ episodes through the official social media accounts, and an atmosphere of comedy and joy during filming appeared in the pictures, especially with the heroes interacting with the staff structure. Here are some behind-the-scenes photos of the Saudi version of the Office series.