Sharjah (Union)
The Sharjah International Film Festival for Children and Youth opened the door for the participants to enter the scenes of making cartoon films, during a training workshop entitled “The Storyteller with Majid – a study on the return of the Fateen series”, presented by Majid Channel, as part of a series of workshops that the youth studio is witnessing (remotely). , during the activities of the eighth session of the festival under the slogan “Think Cinema”.
The workshop, which was presented by the coach, director Ahmed Mohamed Tayseer from Majid Studio in Egypt, dealt with the basic stages of making cartoon films, starting from writing the text, passing through the technical and technical processes to animate the cartoon character, and ending with the final product that the audience sees on the screen, by providing practical applications from Fateen series in its second season.
The trainer explained in detail the secrets of this art that start after the author writes the text, pointing out that the director deals with the cartoon series in the form of episodes so that the text of one episode moves initially to the drawing section to turn it into small drawings similar to the story in magazines, to come the second stage, which is In it, the images are transferred to the “animetic” section, in which the images of the episode are animated through a simple preliminary drawing with camera movements and angles and the composition of the voice of the actors to obtain an initial perception of the episode.
The trainer explained that the initial form of the episode is moved to the “Drawing” section to transform it completely into drawings, including the backgrounds and tools used by the characters, then it will move to the “Animation” section, through which the characters appear in their final form on the screen after adding facial expressions and lip movements that match the sound, pointing out The final stop of the episode will be in the “Composition” section, in which backgrounds are installed with the movement of characters, camera movements, addition, shadow and sound effects.