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The strangest football match .. "a poorly directed play" in Algeria!  (Video)

The strangest football match .. “a poorly directed play” in Algeria! (Video)

The match between Nasr Hussein Dey and Paradou in the 11th round of the Algerian professional league sparked widespread controversy after the riots that were accompanied by the players and the technical staff at the 20 August Stadium in the Algerian capital, as the spark started in the last minutes when Nasr Hussein Dey club took the ball out after the Paradou player fell. Injured, but the latter refused to return the ball in accordance with the principle of “sportsmanship” and scored through Nazir Ben Bouali so that the players clashed with hands.

The match witnessed more strange events after the players of the two teams agreed to score Nasr Hussein Dey for a goal in order to establish the principle of sportsmanship. Team player Paradou hit the ball from the middle of the field to enter directly after agreeing to that, but Paradou goalkeeper saved the ball and then passed a long ball to his colleague that made him solo to score Zarrouk Bousif The second goal, which sparked outrage among Nasr Day’s circles!

For its part, the Algerian newspaper “El Khabar” titled: “A poorly directed play at the August 20 stadium,” and said: “It is a real farce,” criticizing the killing of Paradou players for sportsmanship and the “naivety” of Nasr Hussein Dey’s team.

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