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Martin Doležal

The struggle for Europe is at its peak. Jablonek wants points from Pepram

“We’ve going to Pepram. We have Slavia, he wants to finish the season without missing a beat, and then the last match with Portuguese, who plays good football, is waiting for us.

The position of the two teams was completely different, as they say from opposite ends of the table. Fortuna: Until the end of the league, there are three rounds and both teams have a lot to do. F.K. While Jablonek is battling for second place in the table and participating in the second preliminary round of the non-championship section of the Champions League, Pebram is playing for recovery. After the 31st round, Jablonek had 65 points and Hom Pepram only 21 points.

The Champions League is a huge attraction

The favorite is obvious. FK players are aware of this and go to the tournament with the sole aim of keeping the full score and second place in the table. The passion that starts in the Champions League is too much for everyone. The direct opponent in the fight for second place, Brock won in overtime against Sparta Pilson, and thanks to the score it went to second place. Anyone who wants to be in second place after the competition should not hesitate and get the full score. To bring up three points, the Jablonek team has a clear goal in Pepram. Everyone feels that way.

But similar matches hide the risk of underestimating an opponent, who needs points if he wants to play the same match in a year. Looking at the desk, his recovery seems like a theory, but he should try it. Midfielder Tome Black is one of FK’s key players in Pepram. He played for F.K. last season. Jablonek was wearing a jersey. He has played in a total of 37 games in the previous two seasons and has assisted on four goals.

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Players from six countries

Pepram is interesting in that its jersey is worn by players from six countries. Serbia and Cameroon are represented after Ghana, Slovakia, the United States and Uganda, two militias that each have a good international community. So the Jablonek fighters must humbly start the match and lose the look of the enemy. Prove that the situation on the table is not a coincidence and that the accusations of coach Peter Rada grew into a great team. Then bring the European teams to Stelnis with their performance and show the best European football fans. However, Pepram’s victory was a condition of that.