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Elegantní náramek Fitbit Luxe změří okysličení krve i upozorní na stres

The stylish Fitbit Luxe bracelet measures blood oxygenation and draws attention to stress

Today, Fitbit introduced the Smart Luxe bracelet, which provides automatic activity logging and sleep monitoring in an elegant body. The smart bracelet provides access to key public health information through the “Health Metrics” feature, available through the smartphone app.

In this way, for example, increased stress levels, excessive fatigue or possible symptoms of disease can be monitored. On purchasing Fitbit Luxe, customers will get a six-month trial period for Fitbit Premium, which provides a deeper analysis of the measured data. The Fitbit Luxe watch lasts up to 5 days on a single charge.

Manage stress for better overall health

For the first time, Fitbit Luxe is also bringing stress management tools to its Fitbit smart bracelet wallet. The stress management score feature, now available for Fitbit Luxe and all other Fitbit devices with heart rate monitors, provides a daily assessment of the human body’s ability to manage stress based on measured activity, sleep and heart rate.

Fitbit Lux

Advanced tools for better health

Fitbit Luxe provides users with a wide range of features for health and a healthy lifestyle. Using the Fitbit Smartphone Health Scales, they can track potential disease symptoms, respiratory rate information, heart rate variability, resting heart rate, and soon body surface temperature and blood oxygen (SpO2). For a slim and elegant look, the bracelet can be worn all day and night and watch the sleep phase. There is also a “sleep points” function to better understand the importance of sleep. Of course, counting the burned calories and watching 20 sporting activities. Connectivity with a GPS phone can be used to better track a elapsed and lost path. The “core minutes” function is the new standard for measuring activity. The recommended weekly goal is 150 minutes in the active zone and these minutes are obtained on the basis of different exercise intensity. New is the Google Fast Pair function for the easiest pairing possible with the phone.

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Price and availability

Fitbit Luxe can be pre-ordered from today on the company’s official website. It will be available at select Czech and Slovak sellers during the spring season at a recommended price of € 149.95, less than 4,000 kr.

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