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The Subaru 22B is perhaps the best car of the Impreza.  The price corresponds

The Subaru 22B is perhaps the best car of the Impreza. The price corresponds

Every little kid in the sandbox – or at least the one who played in sandboxes in the 1990s – will tell you that the correct Subaru STI should be called the Impreza, even if the manufacturer has been thinking of himself over the past few years. And that the only correct color combination is metallic blue and gold wheels. The right Impreza should look exactly like this!


Most people still remember this view when pronouncing the word “Impreza”.

To these distinctive features, enthusiastic rally fans (or racing games) will subconsciously add yellow chandelier stickers, which form the car manufacturer’s logo. And all this ideally at about two meters above the ground, with the boxer’s engine spinning, and thrusting at full speed. The Mitsubishi Evo might be more focused, more accurate, and possibly faster in the track, but as far as a few cars are concerned, the regular car madman will be automatically reminded of “war” color as it is with the Impreza.

The two-door chassis definitely helps gain points in the appeal of this version – it’s very likely that the Model 22B from 1998 was the Impreza very similar to the special competition. In 1997, Subaru won the WRC Championship for the third time in a row (despite Tommi Mäkkinen winning the Mitsubishi Championship), so there was no choice but to celebrate it properly, so that fans would have something to do with it. Thus, 400 pieces of Impreza 22B STI were created for the Japanese market.

The car has a body and bumpers for the 22B version, and may be punished by painting it a different color from the iconic “World Rally Blue”. The engine is fitted with a 2.2-liter four-cylinder engine with turbo, which transfers its power to all four wheels through a five-speed manual transmission with short shift paths and tightly folded for a possible “bet” on qualities as quickly as possible. However, there should also be a center differential, a large adjustable rear spoiler, and gold-plated BBS wheels or red brake calipers.


The 22B was powered by a supercharged 2.2-liter boxer with 280 horsepower “required” at the time

performance? It’s very simple – due to the agreement of Mr. Nabil between the Japanese automakers in the 1990s, the engine output was 280 horsepower, as is the case at present. Toyota Supra Or maybe Nissan Skyline GT-R. However, it is actually possible that it could have been more than that. For a similar reason, there is a speedometer calibrated to only 180 km / h.

Not only was the 22B a celebration of Subaru’s “gold” rally hat – the automaker was also celebrating its 40th year at the time. In addition to the two-door body, the basic distinguishing features also include an aluminum hood with an enlarged intake hatch and extended fenders, which creates a wider stance. Fog lights with integrated hoods are becoming a relatively popular thing.

In terms of equipment, there is decent gear for its time (and sports car conditions celebrating success in the rally) like power windows or automatic air conditioning. The seats can hardly be the non-sporty of Recaro. The mileage of the car at the auction is 40 thousand kilometers.

This piece with serial number 156/400 was sold at an online auction on April 19 for an unbelievable (and relatively symbolic) $ 312,555, that is, maybe you’re currently sitting, 6.7 million crowns. reason? On the one hand, it is a 400-piece limited edition car, on the other hand, it is a cult car and on the other hand it is also a ‘classic’ car – practically no electronics, short manual transmission, more or less unrestricted drive, in short, pure driving pleasure . In addition, the 22B is quite small compared to classic car conditions, so the new owner does not have to be afraid of excessive fragility – especially when we consider that this is an experimentally proven technology from the world of rally world. Another factor is the growing interest in classic sports cars from Japan as such.

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