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The success of the launch of a space telescope.. Its mission is to reveal the secrets of the universe

The success of the launch of a space telescope.. Its mission is to reveal the secrets of the universe

Yesterday, Saturday, the Ariane 5 rocket successfully placed the James Webb space telescope, which astronomers from the whole world have been waiting for for thirty years to observe the universe with unprecedented capabilities, on the path towards its final orbit, which it will reach within a month, 1.5 million kilometers from Earth. .

The upper layer of Ariane 5 broke off 27 minutes after the rocket lifted off in the skies of Kourou on schedule, carrying the most advanced cosmic observation instrument in the history of space exploration.

Milestone accomplished

“The Webb telescope has successfully detached, forward Webb,” Jean-Luc Poyer, director of launches at the French Guiana Space Center, said from the control center’s indoor hall. And the US space agency (NASA), which developed the telescope in cooperation with its European and Canadian counterparts, wrote on Twitter that “an important stage has been accomplished” with the success of the launch.

For his part, the head of the European Space Agency, Josef Asbacher, expressed his great happiness at announcing the placement of the spacecraft in orbit with great accuracy, noting the “very good” performance of the Ariane 5 rocket.

missile launch moments

Shortly after its launch, the telescope flew over the Atlantic Ocean and then Africa until its final separation, at an altitude of 1,400 km and at a speed of more than 34,000 km per hour. And a camera placed in the upper layer of the rocket showed this separation, especially the deployment of the telescope’s solar panels after a few seconds.

Pictures of this very important moment, especially for the good work of the telescope’s instruments, provoked a torrent of applause in the center of “Jupiter”, with the same force of applause that rose when the upper layer of the rocket was successfully separated.

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Control of the James Webb telescope is now in the hands of NASA from the Science Institute Telescope Center in Baltimore, USA. The center will oversee the precise operations of placing the telescope in its exact location, before it reaches the “Lagrange 2” point, 1.5 million kilometers from Earth. As for the mission of scientific exploration of the universe, it will begin within six months.

Launch delayed 3 times

The James Webb launch has been delayed three times, most recently last Tuesday due to “bad weather”. This is the most accurate space monitoring instrument in history. It will allow deeper understanding of how stars and galaxies are formed and observing planets outside the solar system, which scientists have been discovering more of, in the hope of finding other planets suitable for life.

James Webb will follow the example of the Hubble telescope, which revolutionized space observation techniques, thanks to which scientists discovered the presence of a black hole in the heart of all galaxies or water vapor around the outer planets, for census.