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The successor to the Lamborghini Aventador will get seven driving modes, including urban mode

The pieces of the puzzle are slowly coming together and we’re starting to get a fairly complete picture of what the soon-to-be-revealed new Lamborghini, codenamed LB744, will look like. The Italian automaker is taking its time with the premiere and regularly teasing fans with fresh and new partial information about the hybrid successor to the Aventador model.

After getting information about the technical basis of the car, this time the automaker released a video with the car’s digital dashboard to the public, which reveals that the plug-in hybrid with V12 engine and electric motor has received seven driving modes, namely: Recharge, Hybrid, Performance, City, Strada, Sport and Corso. The driver can then activate each using two selectors on the steering wheel.

For each of the modes, City mode allows electric driving only and shuts down the 6.5-liter V12. In this case, power would be limited to just 180 horsepower. In addition, the car in this version will have traction control, transmission and suspension tuned for maximum comfort.

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Recharge mode powers the giant twelve-cylinder to recharge the 3.8 kWh battery in about 6 minutes. It is also recharged during the recovery period.

Lamborghini claims we’ll know more information soon, because we’re literally just a few days away from the premiere.

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