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The Sudanese government forms a crisis cell that includes all parties

The Sudanese government forms a crisis cell that includes all parties

Sudanese Prime Minister Abdullah Hamdok held an emergency ministerial meeting today, Monday, to discuss the current situation in the country, according to the Sudanese News Agency.

In its meeting today, the Sudanese Cabinet stressed the importance of dialogue between all parties to the current crisis in the country. The office of the Prime Minister of Sudan said in a statement that “dialogue is important, whether between the components of freedom and change, or between the components of freedom and change and the military component.”

The statement added that the council affirmed its “full keenness” to address the current political crisis on the basis of its “national and historical responsibility.”

He pointed out that it was decided at the meeting to form a joint “crisis cell” from all parties to address the current situation and to commit to urgent agreement on solutions aimed at “immunizing civil transformation.”

The Council stressed the importance of all parties refraining from “escalation and counter-escalation”, and that everyone should put the higher interest of Sudan up.

Hamdok also referred to the agreement to continue the dialogue between all, because its suspension between the components of the partnership “poses a danger to the future of the country.” The Council also affirmed its endeavor to find solutions to the issue of eastern Sudan in order to “resolve” the current situation.

The problems of the transitional period are among the most important crises facing the current government, and Hamdok announced, on Friday, that he had “developed a road map with the political parties to end the crisis,” stressing that “de-escalation and dialogue are the only way out of the crisis.”

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The Sudanese Prime Minister stressed that his country’s authorities will not tolerate “attempts to abort the transitional period through coups or sabotage,” pointing out that he met with all parties in the past period with the aim of addressing differences.

From the demonstrations of the dissident wing of freedom and change in Khartoum

It is noteworthy that since the coup attempt on September 21 last, conflicts crystallized and differences emerged between the military and civilian components that agreed to rule the country temporarily since the fall of the Omar al-Bashir regime in order to hold parliamentary elections and form a new authority.

On the other hand, he announced Sudanese National Umma PartyIn a statement on Sunday, it affirmed its commitment to the constitutional document, its rejection of any extension of the transitional period, and the continuation of efforts to bridge views between the partners of the transitional period.

Sudan witnessed, on Sunday, Hundreds of Sudanese protest for the second day in a row In Khartoum, to demand that the military take over power alone in the country, which further complicates the political crisis that Prime Minister Hamdok described as the worst and most dangerous” since the overthrow of former President Omar al-Bashir.

“The sit-in is continuing and will not be lifted unless the government is dissolved, and by that we mean the dismissal of ministers without the prime minister,” said Ali Askouri, a spokesman for the protesters and defectors from the Freedom and Change Alliance, which led the protests against al-Bashir.

On Saturday, the demonstrators flocked to the Republican Palace, the seat of the transitional authority, chanting “One army, one people” and demanding a “military government” to get Sudan, one of the poorest countries in the world, out of its political and economic crises.

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The demonstrators came out in response to the call of a splinter faction from the Freedom and Change Gathering, and the splinter faction is trying to ally with the military.

In addition, Jaafar Hassan, a spokesman for Freedom and Change (the group that calls for the full transfer of power to civilians), said: “What is happening is part of the scenario of the coup and blocking the path to democratic transition. It is an attempt to make a sit-in, and supporters of the former regime participate in that.”

The Minister of Cabinet Affairs in Sudan, Khaled Omar Youssef, stressed, on Sunday, that Constitution Drafting It is the most important priority of the transitional government and the main guarantor of the success of the democratic transition process and achieving political stability in the country.

And he added, through his account on Twitter, that “building a permanent constitution that represents a social contract that expresses everyone remains one of our major goals that we aspire to so that society can formulate a unified will around an agreed national project that the governed and the rulers abide by.”