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The summit of Atletico Madrid and Barcelona.. Koman is at stake

The summit of Atletico Madrid and Barcelona.. Koman is at stake

The Wandamitro Politano stadium in the capital, Madrid, will witness at 10:00 pm today, Saturday 2 October, the top of the eighth round of La Liga matches, between Atletico Madrid (the title holder) and Barcelona, ​​which is going through the most difficult conditions in its modern history.

This match will largely determine the fate of the era of Dutch coach Ronald Koeman, who is being sacked.

Disappointing results in the League and the Champions

Barcelona is under tremendous pressure from fans of the Catalan team, in light of its repeated failures in the Spanish first division and in the Champions League alike.

In La Liga, Barca occupies sixth place out of six matches played (it has a game in hand), with a score of 12 points, and is five points behind Real Madrid, the leaders.

The team won three matches and drew the same. It drew 1 x 1 with Granada, and it also drew with Cadiz team without goals, as well as its draw with Athletic Bilbao 1 x 1, and these draws were a taste of loss for the Catalan team.

The most important achievement for Barca remains that it has not lost in six matches it has played in the Spanish League so far, despite the presence of a postponed match awaiting it and it is difficult with the Seville team.

While Barcelona suffered two painful losses in the Champions League, as it lost the first meeting at its Camp Nou stadium, against Bayern Munich, with a score of 0 x 3 in the first round, and also lost the second meeting against Benfica of Portugal with the same result.

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Thus, it occupies the fourth and last place in the fifth group without credit, and it is one of the few times in Barca’s history that it is exposed to such a situation.

Simeone is trying to fish in murky waters

Argentine coach Diego Simeone seeks to take advantage of the shaken situation of the Catalan team these days, and win at home and among his fans to become a step away from the lead.

Atlético Madrid is in fourth place with 13 points from seven matches, winning four, drawing two and losing one.

Practically, Simeone lost seven points, and this constituted a major setback for the team being the “title holder”, and therefore he will fight for the victory.

In the Champions League, Simeone did not achieve his dream in the lead after two rounds, his team is second with four points in the second group, from a draw at home was a taste of loss with Porto without goals, and compensation in the second round with a precious victory outside his home over Milan, Italy 1 ×2.

Last season, Atletico won the first leg in La Liga 1 x 0, while they tied without goals in the second leg.

Atlético Madrid topped last season with 86 points and held the 11th championship trophy in its history, while Barca was satisfied with third place with 79 points.

Today’s matches, Saturday 2 October, Damascus time

Osasuna x Rayo Vallecano 3:00 PM

Real Mallorca x Levante 5:15 pm

Kadesh x Valencia 7:30 pm

Atletico Madrid x Barcelona 10:00 pm

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