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The sun is the only star in the solar system - Drama

The sun is the only star in the solar system – Drama

The sun is the only star in the solar system, as the universe consists of a huge and unknown number of galaxies, and one galaxy consists of a large number of information, a watch that contains a lot of planets, stars and moons, all of which are found in space, and the moons, and speaking. About our solar system, the site of this article will provide us to answer our question and learn more about the solar system.

The sun is the only star in the solar system

It is located within a large solar system, which is located within the Milky Way, the order of the system, it calculates the sun, the planets begin to revolve around it, the highest of which are eight planets (after Pluto was deleted from the list, considered from the list, and considered from the list, Mars, Jupiter Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Venus, Uranus, Neptune, the planets have small bodies that revolve around them, moons.

  • The answer is the correct statement.

Planets of the solar system

This group plays a major role, which is a flaming ball, which is a large group of gases, and these planets are represented into two classes (two groups) of planets.

  • The inner solar system includes the magnetic, rocky planets, which are Mercury, Venus, Earth, and Mars, consisting mainly of welded metal, where there are three moons, and two moons of Mars.
  • The outer solar system is a group of planets that consist of gases, namely Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, which are gaseous masses, simply with many moons revolving around them, and are characterized by the presence of rings that surround them, unlike the first group, which is They are gaseous masses, massive planets compared to the inner planets.
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The largest planet in the solar system

The planets of the solar system differ from each other in size, and they are not small planets, the planets are small in size, there are medium-sized planets, there are medium-sized planets, and there are large-sized planets, and the largest planets in the solar system, a planet with a rocky core, equal to 1300 times the size of the Earth.

The smallest planet in the solar system

The smallest planet belonging to the solar system, the closest planet to the sun, a rocky mass of about 5423 kg / m3, especially, is becoming more common.

Here, we have come to the end of our article in which the question has been answered. The sun is the only star in the solar system. The answer is the correct statement. We have talked about the planets of the solar system and the inner and outer solar communities that make up the solar system.