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The Super Smash Bros. creator doesn’t think much of it. Sakurai online, it is a perfect fit for the series

Super Smash Bros. Content creator Masahiro Sakurai made a surprising comment recently, stating that online play isn’t “very suitable” for the fighting game series. Online play was not first introduced in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, but the latest installment in the franchise has the franchise’s strongest online play support to date. However, the addition of online play to Super Smash Bros. It has always been a surprisingly controversial topic, with some seeing it as a purely personal competitive experiment.

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the first Super Smash Bros. The game was originally released in 1999 as a Nintendo 64 exclusive. While online multiplayer games were increasingly popular on PCs at the time, consoles did not begin to support wired Internet connections for years. as, Super Smash Bros. It was a very competitive multiplayer game with support for four players at a time. Super Smash Bros. Melee For the Nintendo GameCube, it will also lack online play, which was first introduced with the Nintendo GameCube Super Smash Bros. duel in 2008.

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success Super Smash Bros. As an offline multiplayer game for nearly a decade, it has fostered strong feelings in the community about the “right” way to play the game. This sentiment seems to be shared by franchise creator Masahiro Sakurai as well. Speaking on the recent YouTube show “Masahiro Sakurai on Creating Games,” the Super Smash Bros. The creator has explicitly said that he is not considering “online play and Smash Bros. They are very suitable for each other.”

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Some may be surprised why Sakurai holds this view Super Smash Bros. fans. He says that “one of the best parts” of the game is that players become “heroes among their friends”. In contrast, Sakurai says, online gaming can “cause people to lose confidence”. Sakurai seems to see offline play as healthier for the game and for the player.

Sakurai does not acknowledge that there is a more specific problem with this Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, which is that online play is not technically perfect. He states that network lag in the game can lead to a “spotty experience”. He only tacitly acknowledges that this is due in part to the limitations of the Nintendo Switch’s hardware and multiplayer server technology, saying that technically, “it doesn’t really matter what I think” and that “if it’s my job to do it, I’ll do it”.

In a different reality where Sakurai manages to stay true to his game development philosophies, Super Smash Bros. Maybe he never added online multiplayer. There is undoubtedly an insignificant amount of Super Smash Bros. Fans who would have preferred it. But it’s hard to deny that online gaming has been made Super Smash Bros. Multiplayer is within the reach of a much wider and more diverse audience. Moreover, it wouldn’t be a surprise the next day Super Smash Bros.whenever you arrive, for better online multiplayer support and functionality.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Available now on Switch.

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