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The Syrian artist, Taim Al-Hassan, reveals the details of his new series, “Al-Zind.”

Today, Tuesday, the Syrian artist, Taim Al-Hassan, revealed the details of his new series, which bears the name “Al-Zind.” Written by Omar Abu Saada, directed by Samer Barqawi, and produced by Al-Sabah Company. It is scheduled to be shown next Ramadan.

Regarding the appearance of his mustache, which he did not give up after the movie “Prestige”, Al-Hassan said: “The audience always asks me about my mustache, and I left it for the sake of my new series (Zand), which will be shown on the mbc screen.”

The Syrian artist confirmed in televised statements on the sidelines of the “Joy Awards” ceremony, that the series takes place around the year 1900, as it deals with the lives of the people of the Levant during that period, their stories and their social fabric, stressing that the “Zand” will be in the spirit of the usual Syrian works.

Tim Hassan in the movie “Al-Zeer Salem”
The artist, Taim Al-Hassan, had recently announced a new artistic cooperation between him and MBC in the movie “Al-Zeer Salem”, indicating that he will embody the role of “Al-Zeer” in the film, in addition to assigning him to direct it as well.

And he indicated, through a post on his “Instagram”, that the late Syrian director, Hatem Ali, was the one who would take over the task of directing the series, and that he was the one who nominated Hassan to play the character “Al-Zeer Salem” in the movie.

He added, “At the time, the scriptwriter A. Ziad Adwan made an initial draft of the film, but the professor’s departure stopped the project temporarily, until I was destined to supervise it after a period of hiatus, so I started it again, and we have been researching, writing and preparing for more than a year.

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Tim Hassan expressed his great longing to return to acting in this type of drama, of a historical nature, after an absence of about 15 years from that drama.

He concluded his publication by saying: “I hope, God willing, in our long fictional project, that we will succeed in narrating with suspense and renewal a controversial biography, which is our most famous and richest popular biography, as it attracted all generations to it.”