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إضاءة أعلى برج فى كندا بألوان علم مصر اليوم احتفالا بشهر الحضارة المصرية

The tallest tower in Canada is lit in the colors of the Egyptian flag today, in celebration of the month of Egyptian civilization

The activities of the month of Egyptian civilization and heritage, organized by the Canadian Authority for Egyptian Heritage in Canada, will be launched at the beginning of July of each year, under the auspices of Dr. Mostafa Madbouly, Prime Minister, on Friday 2-7-2021, by lighting the highest tower in Canada, the CN Tower “CN” in the colors of the Egyptian flag at sunset, and this is the second time that the tower has been lit in the colors of the Egyptian flag in 30 years.

For her part, the Minister of Immigration, Ambassador Nabila Makram Abdel Shaheed, said that the celebration of the month of Egyptian civilization in Canada, which begins today, Friday, comes within the framework of the influential Egyptian community’s work in Canadian society. To introduce the world to Egypt’s long and long history as a shining step for the world; To show the pivotal role of Egypt, which blended several civilizations and cultures on its soil.

The Minister of Immigration confirmed that the Prime Minister’s sponsorship of the Egyptian Heritage Month in Canada for the year 2021 reflects the vision and belief of the Egyptian state in the efforts made by the Egyptian communities abroad in order to raise the flag of the nation in their foreign societies, especially during that period when Egypt needs the hands of its children at home and abroad. The Egyptian community in Canada over the past years proved its active role within the Canadian community on a number of levels, and their relentless pursuit until the Parliament of Ontario in Canada declared July a month for Egyptian civilization and heritage.

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The minister added that the Egyptians in Canada are the ambassadors of the Egyptian state to introduce our history and civilization that arose on the banks of the Nile. There are successful Egyptian symbols in all fields that must be used as Egyptian soft forces, by sending a message to the Canadian community that includes authentic Egyptian arts, sciences, customs and traditions; To be sure, Egypt has offered humanity a lot and a lot in all fields.

In the same context, members of the Canadian Authority for Egyptian Heritage praised the efforts of the Ministry of Immigration in communicating with Egyptians abroad by all possible means, valuing the ministry’s cooperation with the second and third generations abroad to link them to the homeland and exchange experiences between each other, and expressed the readiness of the Egyptian community in Canada to cooperate by all possible means. To highlight the activities of the Egyptian Civilization Month in cooperation with the Ministry of Immigration and the rest of the Egyptian ministries.

They announced that the celebrations of the month of Egyptian civilization and heritage include broadcasting a number of events and exclusive meetings for the symbols of art, literature and culture in Egypt, on Saturday and Sunday of every week throughout the month of July, in addition to inviting all Egyptian NGOs in Canada to participate in the celebration, and there are about 30 Egyptian institutions in Canada She announced her readiness to participate in the events, in a way that contributes to the success of the various events and their emergence in the finest image befitting Egypt and its civilization.

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It is noteworthy that the celebration of the month of Egyptian civilization in Canada and the raising of the Egyptian flag over the Canadian Parliament of Ontario, was launched in July 2019 after MP Sherif El Sabawy, a member of the Parliament of Ontario – with the support of the Egyptian community in Canada – submitted a request to Parliament that was approved and the month of July was declared a month for the Egyptian civilization and heritage for the first time; What is a luminous step for the world to show the pivotal role of Egypt, which has mixed on its land several civilizations and cultures.