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The theory behind the mysterious and huge bubbles in the Milky Way has been revealed

09/03 19:39

In 2020, the eRosita X-ray Telescope captured images of two massive bubbles spanning thousands of light-years above and below the center of our Milky Way.

These assumptions reproduced clusters of bubbles with an accuracy very similar to the observed Fermi and eROSITA bubbles.

The team found that the large pressure discrepancy between the jets and the surrounding gas of the interstellar medium causes the jets to expand into a pair of “bubbles”, similar to the radio bubbles observed in galaxy clusters.

“At present, the bubbles have grown and reached a height of about 7.5 kiloparsecs from the galactic plane. The cosmic ray electrons within the bubbles that have moved from the galactic center interact with the interstellar radiation field and shine in gamma rays as the observed Fermi bubbles,” the team noted.

They continued, “The same energy injection from the black hole and subsequent bubble expansion pushed the gas within the galactic halo away at supersonic speeds, forming an external propagation shock. At the front of the shock, the pressure of the gas caused an increase in the gas’s density, resulting in an enhanced thermal emission in the X-ray range. which manifests itself in the form of eROSITA bubbles”.

“Future investigations will reveal the impact of this energetic feedback on the evolutionary history of our Milky Way, and how this event fits into the broader picture of black hole-galactic co-evolution in the universe,” the team wrote.

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