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However, Wimbledon seems to be ready to avoid bad weather

The three-day hurricane hits cold England with heavy rain and frost storms

The sky will open when the three-day hurricane hits England.

Aside from flood warnings, many Britons can expect frost storms and unusually low temperatures to be announced by the end of June this week.

A hurricane, extending from Scandinavia to Spain, went this way with heavy rain, cold winds, thunder and lightning.

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But in the Wimbledon tennis tournament that started yesterday (June 27) with Andy Murray and Emma Radocano winning on home soil, the worst could be avoided along with the rest of London.

Apart from flood warnings, many UK frost storms and unusually low temperatures (file image)

Temperatures in the north and Scotland will drop to 10 degrees Celsius or 11 degrees Celsius because of the massive low pressure system off the west coast.

British meteorologist Jim Dale described the meteorological group as “a nationwide polar sea air mass”.

Heavy rain is expected in many places today (June 28) with coastal storms.

It will rain again on Wednesday (June 29) and Thursday (June 30) with hail and thunderstorms.

However, Wimbledon seems to be ready to avoid bad weather

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The southern and eastern weekends are warm, but the rest of the country is dark on Friday (July 1), Saturday (July 2) and Sunday (July 3).

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Meteorological Office spokesman Ole Claydon told The Sun: “It’s not an Atlantic hurricane, it’s a low pressure system due to the UK climate this week.

“Throughout most of this week we will see a low pressure system facing rain and sleet, which will sometimes travel from west to east, i.e. a somewhat volatile business week with conditions prevailing south and east again on Friday, increasing the pressure before the weekend.

“It will not be in the north and west of the country because there will be less pressure as more winds and rain are expected in the northwest,” he added.

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