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The thrill of science between Call of duty or Fortnite

The thrill of science between Call of duty or Fortnite

It saddens me a lot when I read the words of the people of knowledge about the pleasure of knowledge. It is a pleasure that is not matched by any of the pleasures of the mortal world. I find in our society those who play and tamper with their mobile device in various types of games and applications, which capture their minds and attract their attention, and neglect everyone around them, in a merger with those games. That negligence and that amalgamation, I thought, were two artificial things, but when I approached those who practice those absurd moments, in my view, in which that participant in those games throws the greatest thing that human beings have in existence, which is time and time, and the moment through which he can rise To levels that the mind of that absurd player can hardly imagine, who made those games the value, the end, and the goal of his momentary and immediate existence – and I found them not artificial, as I approached those who tampered with their times, and they were at other levels of this world, not seeking knowledge, reading, meditation or Think about it. Rather, what they ask for are the numbers they record in the game “Bubji”, “Call of duty” or “Fortnite”, and how many enemies have been killed in those fake combat encounters that those applications simulate. These are baffling moments to me when I see our livers immersed in an unparalleled depth, and we have not found anything similar to it during the last four decades. It is an absurdity that targets the human mind, and it hits it in what is dearest to it, which is the machine of contemplation, meditation, research and rooting for knowledge. The human mind is the creation of all What we are experiencing today, of luxury and luxury, of indulgence and drunkenness, think about those games that have dominated the minds of human beings, whether they are young or old. I was astonished, almost flipping the balance of my knowledge, disciplines and sciences, when I found those who had reached the age of forty and fifty or more and were engaged in these applications and games, in heedlessness of times that they would regret missing. What made what was left of my mind flying was that that negligence was wasting it deliberately and intentionally. Rather, they were expressing their immersion in these distracting applications with satisfaction and pleasure, as if they were a scientific pleasure that elevates and transcends the minds, so I stopped with myself defining moments, and I was overwhelmed by a heartbreak, which I did not find One day in my life, and I remembered what Imam al-Shatibi said – may God have mercy on him: “In knowledge of things there is a pleasure that is not equal to the pleasure, as it is a kind of appropriation of the known, and possession of it, and the love of appropriation has drawn souls, and hearts are inclined to it with proof, and it is a special demand And general induction, for knowledge may be sought in order to be intrigued by it, and to enjoy its conversation, especially the sciences in which the minds have space, and to look at their extremities, and to derive the unknown from the known in which a path is followed.” All humanity, regardless of religion, gender or color! Undoubtedly, that pleasure that Imam al-Shatibi talks about is what elevates the human mind to the levels that it should and should be in its ranks and levels. When we talk about the pleasure of seeking knowledge, and directing criticism to that heedlessness and drunkenness by indulging in those games and applications that do not bring any benefit to the mind of young people, it does not mean that searching for fun, enjoyment and recreation is a forbidden path, rather that amusement and recreation is required and desirable. This is proven by Sharia law, custom and experience, as it was stated: “Your soul has a right over you, your Lord has a right over you, your guest has a right over you, and your family has a right over you, so give everyone who has a right his right.” And I listen to the beating of tambourines, for these are matters that are legally and customarily established, but the extravagant amusement in these applications has become an epistemological and societal problem, and a bad phenomenon that has many harms, whether it is educational, social, or even economic, in addition to being a real problem that has a profound effect on the minds. Which is the most precious thing we have, and it is the distinguishing feature between this human being and other creatures. These applications and games steal and steal from us what is dearest to us in this existence. Rather, it is existence itself, which is time and time, so there is no consideration or weight for us as human beings if we do not have time, and we make it seek what we want, not that we make that time seek what others want, or that We make that time walk us where it goes, without a real impact of our will, our ability and control over our actions, for that time has no mind, no feelings, no calculations, no mercy. Time, if we let it control our fates, its stings are fatal and deadly, because only time knows and believes in those who possess it, and controls it with its ability and will, which is one of the miraculous things that the Creator and Creator of this universe put in us. Time fears and acquiesces, and it respects the one who has a strong and coherent will and ability, which makes him control his parts, and divides those times and times according to the power and will of that strong human being, who respects time and the cursor of eternity, because he was and is still strong in standing in front of the nonsense and impurities that he throws Time is in front of the mind of that strong-willed person, with the ability to control that time, which generations, youth and old people have lost in applications and games that have become close to the similarity and attachment to the bug of alcohol, in that they make the mind covered, so it changes it from its original state, and he cannot think or meditate properly and properly. Therefore, when the jurists defined wine as “what intoxicates the mind,” they mean by that which “covered it” or “mixed it,” and did not leave it as it is, which is a metaphor for the analogy. The mind is the machine of discernment, so it is forbidden what it covers or otherwise, because it removes the awareness that God required of His servants, to fulfill His rights, so if a researcher, thinker or diligent went to say that attaching those applications and games, whose harm and negative impact have been proven, the bug of alcohol is closer than it To its inclusion of permissible things, which do not have a great harm and have a profound effect on the awareness and mental awareness of this person, because his statement was odd or strange about the establishment of jurists and fundamentalists in how to attach the incident images to the fixed causes of the law.

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And I ended by sighing, as I began, with what Ibn al-Jawzi said and his line – may God have mercy on him – when he says: “And I was in the sweetness of seeking knowledge, and in adversity, what was sweeter to me than honey for the sake of what I seek and hope for, and I used to take loaves of bread with me in my youth. dry land, then I go with him to seek hadith, and sit on the Issa River, then eat this loaf and drink water, and every time I eat a morsel, I drink on it, and my soul sees nothing but the pleasure of acquiring knowledge.” – May God have mercy on him – when he said: “I have been in the compilation of this book (the book of strange hadiths) for forty years, and perhaps I was taking the benefit from the mouths of men, so I put it in its place in this book, so I stayed up late, he was happy with that benefit.” Or at least what arrived The writer and jurist Sheikh Ali Al-Tantawi gave him his advice: “I want to tell you something that has great pleasure, great benefit, and low costs, so would you like to know what it is? It is reading. I have tried all the pleasures, and I have not found anything more enjoyable than being alone with a book. If people have inclinations and desires, then the inclination to and desire for reading is the best of them.”

As for me, I say to the house of the Iraqi poet “Abdul-Hussein Al-Azari”:

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“My sufficiency takes care of my bartender and the ink of my drink.”

And I am the one who is left with nothing but regret of the book.”