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سعد لمجرد

“The Throat That Is An Anxiety Factor” .. What does Saad Lamjarred bring to his fans in Egypt? | news

The artist Saad Lamjarred revealed that he is preparing to present a song in the Egyptian dialect in the coming period, after the success of the song “Min Al Mina” in which he participated with the artist Elissa.

Saad Lamjarred said in an interview with the media, Basant Shams, on the MBCTrending program: My next song is in the Egyptian dialect, and then a song that mixes the Spanish and Arabic languages.

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In response to a question, how was the cooperation between you and Elissa in “From the First Minute”? He said: I love Elissa’s songs like all people, and we had previously communicated on the phone in 2016, and then we met in Paris and it didn’t take more than 15 minutes for both of us to feel mutual love and appreciation, and we decided to present a song together.


He added: The idea of ​​the song is from our choice together, and it is a genius in its choices, and every song has a “Heat”, and then came the stage of adding my touch to the song.

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In response to a question, when will you respond to your invitations to sing in the North Coast in Egypt? He said: I am honored to sing in Egypt.


He continued, “I love and miss the Egyptian public, and bring Egyptian songs like “Uday El Kalam”.

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Saad Lamjarred explained that he is touring concerts in the coming period, which is expected to include Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Oman and Kuwait, in addition to studying a number of Moroccan and Egyptian scenarios.

And the song “From the First Minute” was written by Amir Taima, composed by Ramy Gamal, distributed by Ahmed Ibrahim, Mix and Master Elie Berber, and it achieved two million views on YouTube during the first hours after its release.

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