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The trademarks indicate that BMW may rebrand the entire model range

The electric age is inexorably approaching, and BMW may need new designations for all of its models.

BMW recently registered the new designations with the German Patent and Trademark Office. They indicate that the automaker is considering changing its current name.

Take a look at the model designations newly registered by BMW:

BMW 1 Series / i1: i118, i120, i130, i140

BMW X1 / iX1: X130, iX120, iX130

BMW X2 / iX2: iX220, iX230, iX240

BMW 3 Series / i3: i320, i330, i340, M350

BMW X3 / iX3: X320, X330, iX330, iX340, iX350

BMW 4 Series / i4: i420, i430, i450

BMW X4 / iX4: X420, iX430, iX440, iX450

BMW 5 Series / i5: i530, i550

BMW X5 / iX5: X540, X550, X560, iX540, iX550, iX560

BMW X6 / iX6: X640, X650, iX640, iX650, iX660

BMW 7 Series / i7: i740, i750, i760

BMW X7 / iX7: X740, X750, X760, iX740, iX750, iX760

Although these names may sound a bit confusing, it’s possible that the iX750, for example, refers to the electric version of the X7 model as the iX7 and the “50” power unit. Meanwhile, the X750 could refer to the “50” powered X7, while the i750 would be used for the “50” i7.

Other BMW-branded names include the iX130, i120, i530, and i530 xDrive, with the latter indicating that BMW will continue to use “xDrive” to refer to all-wheel drive models.

BMW’s new naming could extend to the 3 Series. Names such as i320, i330 and i340 appear in the documents. This indicates that it can be used to refer to the different electric powertrains that will be offered in the 3 Series.

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In addition, BMW has also applied for the M350 trademark. The absence of the “i” prefix in the name indicates that the M350 could be an internal combustion engine model that could replace the existing M340i.