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The tragedy in Israel should not have happened, and the authorities have warned of the dangers for years

The tragedy in Israel should not have happened, and the authorities have warned of the dangers for years

The identification of victims of the Friday night tragedy in northern Israel was suspended for 24 hours after the start of the Jewish Sabbath holiday. According to the Israeli Ministry of Health, 32 deaths were identified by Friday night. Meanwhile, the first funeral ceremony took place. Most of the victims are men and boys from the ultra-Orthodox community.

According to foreign agencies, foreign citizens also lost their lives during the crowd. According to the US embassy spokesman, a number of American citizens were injured and died during the accident. Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said on Friday that two Canadians died in the disaster. The Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs said it was also in contact with a family in Argentina. The Israeli airline offered El Al according to BBC Helping family members of victims from abroad who wish to attend the funeral of their loved ones in Israel.

On Friday, members of the ultra-Orthodox community bid farewell to Rabbi Elazar Goldberg. Among the victims identified so far are the youngest of the dead, the brothers Moshe, Nathan Englander, aged fourteen, and Yehoshua Englander, aged nine. The funeral ceremony took place at the Segula cemetery in the Israeli city of Petah Tikva.

According to the diary New York times But the Israeli authorities, and especially the Supreme Audit Office in Israel, have repeatedly warned of the dangers of holding this public event. As early as 2008 and 2011, an authority report warned that the place at the foot of Mount Meron was not suitable for such a large crowd. A 2008 report indicates that the roads leading to the site pose a particular danger because they are “narrow and unsuitable for the movement of hundreds of thousands of people visiting the site.” According to the report, modifications have been made to buildings in the area, which were not approved by the local authorities.

According to the prime minister, he has tried to close the place at least three times. In 2013, at that time, Regional Police Chief Roni Attia concluded in an official report that the place could safely accommodate a maximum ten thousand pilgrims, and warned that in the event of a Friday panic, the alleys of the Hajj site are “one of the most dangerous areas.” “.

The Ministry of Justice said that investigators are currently investigating whether there has been misconduct on the part of the police, according to the BBC. Prime Minister Netanyahu has promised a “thorough” investigation that will “ensure that a similar catastrophe does not happen again.” District Police Chief Shimon Lavie told reporters that he had taken “full responsibility for good and bad decisions” and that he was “prepared to submit to any oversight.”

Later, Lavie told AFP that his subordinates had done everything in their power during the “tragic night.” An unnamed police source told an Israeli newspaper HaaretzThe accident cannot be prevented and the police are not responsible for it.