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The tragedy of a young Arab wrestler..swallowed by the California sea and his mother is waiting for his return

And the authorities in the state announced on Friday afternoon that the search for the woman had stopped Hamza SaudiAfter trying to find him all day Thursday.

Said the missing friend, the Iraqi Rami Al-RawiIn contact with Sky News Arabia, Hamza was practicing a hobby diving In the cold water with his two friends, when suddenly a big wave appeared and pulled him away from the shore.

The young man added, “The mother of the deceased is still hoping to find him, and she is spending her time at the same beach, hoping that he will return to her.”

The narrator continued: “Hamza was born in 2000 and lives with his family in a city Santa Monicaa student at San Francisco UniversityA wrestling champion in California.

For his part, the journalist Namir Pasha, who lives in California Stateto “Sky News Arabia” website: “The Arab community here mourns the loss of young Hamza, who is considered one of the heroes wrestling in the state.”

Pasha pointed out that “swimming in cold water benefits wrestlers, and they practice it periodically.”

He added, “The authorities in the state tried to search for Hamza, but unfortunately they stopped doing so the next day and considered him missing.”

He pointed out that “the young man’s mother is still sitting near the sea with a group of his Arab friends, who themselves began the task of searching for him in the waters of Sea“.

And US media reported that the search for the missing person began on Thursday, and it is believed that he is in the waters near the city Pacifica.

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Commenting on the incident, the head of the county fire department said North CountyJeff Hantz: “If you’re near the water’s edge, don’t get in the water. That’s our safety tip. It’s just treacherous water, even most surfers The filly are finding it hard to get out of the water here.”

More than 25 million people in California are at risk Floods A week ago, after the state was hit by a devastating wave of storms that resulted in floods, after the water level rose in a number of waterways in the state.

The floods that hit the state killed at least 19 people, while the authorities asked thousands of residents to evacuate their homes to safer places.