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The tragic race in China could have sacrificed more than that.  However, a local shepherd rescued six people

The tragic race in China could have sacrificed more than that. However, a local shepherd rescued six people

The 172 runners set off the 100km route on Saturday at 9:00 (3:00 CEST). The photos showed the competitors in shorts and T-shirts under the cloudy sky. However, around noon, the weather began to deteriorate rapidly, as soon as the contestants reached the mountainous portion of the trail. Temperatures dropped to six degrees Celsius in the foothills, but at higher altitudes they were cooler and strong winds blew.

The plant was later stopped in a stone forest on the banks of the Yellow River near Baiyin City in Kansu Province.

No Comment: No 21 people survived the 100km race in the Chinese mountains.

Video: Reuters

The runners, trapped by the weather in the mountains, called for help from their cell phones. The organizers also received reports that many competitors were so hypothermic that they were no longer able to move, and some were unconscious.

The organizers boycotted the race at the end and hundreds of rescuers set off on the road. They also searched for the contestants with the help of drones equipped with thermal cameras and radar detectors, but their work was hampered by extremely difficult weather and terrain at altitudes of up to 2000 meters. Only the first 24 kilometers of the road could be crossed by car.

A shepherd saved six contestants

However, along the way, he ran into a runner, who said he was standing and appeared to be having contractions. He helped him enter the cave, massaged his frozen arms and legs, lit a fire, and dried his wet clothes.

After that, four other contestants found their way to the cave, and they informed the shepherds that there were still many abandoned runners in the mountains, some of them were unconscious.

Chu came out again, where in difficult circumstances he managed to find another runner lying on the ground. He took him to a cave, then wrapped him in several blankets.

“I would like to say that I am grateful to the man who saved me. Without him, I would have stayed there,” contestant Zhang Xiaochao wrote on the Weibo Social Network, where the sponsor gets admiration and words of appreciation for saving a total of three women and three men.

Shepherd Zhu Qinging in front of a cave where he took care of six runners.


But according to him, it was nothing special. “I am a normal person who did something very normal,” he told Chinese media, and also expressed regret that he could not help more competitors.

“There were people who could no longer be saved. The two men showed no signs of life and I couldn’t do anything else for them. I’m sorry,” Chu said.