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The travel map is changing, and the ministry has amended the conditions for return

The travel map is changing, and the ministry has amended the conditions for return

The new “travel map” of the Ministry of Health will take effect on Monday, May 17th. Slovakia, Andorra and France will be included in the red category, which is characterized by countries with a high risk of infection.

Belgium, Bulgaria, Denmark, Italy, Monaco, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Latvia, Austria, Poland, Estonia, Hungary, Romania, Greece, Germany, Slovenia, Switzerland, Spain actually fall into this category.

Finland, Norway, Ireland, the Canary Islands, Malta, Portugal and the Balearic Islands are also included in the orange category, which includes countries with moderate risk of infection, and San Marino was also recently included.

The countries in the green category are the Vatican, Australia, Israel, South Korea, New Zealand, Singapore and Thailand, and it will add recently Iceland.

Obligations upon return to the Czech Republic

If people return from countries with dark red color, they must undergo a PCR test before entering the Czech Republic.

For countries in the red category, the obligation remains to undergo PCR testing for the last five days after return. For dark reds, this is no more than five days after returning. Until then, the person must remain isolated. There is also a commitment to fill out an arrival form. These obligations do not only apply to the green category of countries.

According to the ministry, people returning from countries in the red and orange denominations by public transport are also required to take the test before entering the Czech Republic.

For precautionary reasons, passengers are also required to wear ventilators everywhere outside the home for two weeks upon their return, even outdoors. This does not apply to green countries.

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The new restrictive movement and the obligation to test do not apply to people who are over 22 days after the first dose of vaccination and are returning from countries in the orange or red category.