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The Tunisian President announces the dissolution of Parliament .. and responds to the parliamentary session

The Tunisian President announces the dissolution of Parliament .. and responds to the parliamentary session

And he said Kais Saiedin response to the frozen parliament session: “IIf they wanted to divide the country and sow discord, then the stars of the sky are closer to them than that, and what they are doing now is an outrageous conspiracy against the security of the state.”

He added that he spoke to The Minister of Justice, “so that the Public Prosecution office will do its part.”

He continued: “We have a responsibility to preserve the security, unity and continuity of Tunisia, and we will not allow the abusers to continue their aggression against the institutions and capabilities of the people.We will not allow them to continue their work that is exposed abroad.”

explained Tunisian President that “There is no legitimacy or legality for what they are doing, since there is no legal value for any alleged decision.. What they are doing today is nonsense and delirium that rises to the level of crime and conspiracy against state security.”

And he added, “The torrent has reached its full potential, and we will bear the full responsibility to save the country from the enemies who lie in wait and plot against it from within and without.”

It was a number of members Parliament Earlier today, they held a virtual session, with the aim of ending the exceptional measures announced by the President of the Republic months ago.

This is the first session of the Tunisian parliament since Said’s decision to suspend its work last summer.

Observers said that today’s session is a new high-risk Brotherhood maneuver, aimed at spreading division among Tunisians and the Brotherhood’s desperate attempts to threaten Tunisia’s security and unity.

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The maneuver of the head of the Brotherhood’s Ennahda Movement, Rashid Ghannouchi, provoked reprehensible reactions from the actors within the political arena, as the Labor Union, the most representative organization in the country, confirmed, through media statements to its Secretary-General, Noureddine Taboubi, that they refuse to hold the parliament session suspended, and that they support the July 25 track. Where “there is no room for going back,” he called on the head of state to turn the page on Parliament once and for all by dissolving it and calling for early legislative elections.

In addition, the Somoud political coalition considered, in a statement, that what Ghannouchi and his guardians received from the frozen parliament were “attempts to drag the country into a dangerous path that threatens the safety of Tunisians,” calling on the authorities to prevent these meetings as permitted by law.

In turn, the head of the Free Constitutional Party, Abeer Moussa, rushed to publish a complaint about the annulment of the plenary session that Ghannouchi called for in order to avoid any decisions that might be issued by her related to national security and the unity of the country and institutions, as she put it.