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The Turks chant with the Americans: to close the Bosphorus strait in front of the Russian be closed


Under the above title, Dmitriy Rodionov wrote, in “Svobodnaya Prisa”, about Washington’s willingness to hand over the fate of the Kurds to Turkey in exchange for Ankara’s destruction of the Montreux Convention.

The article stated: The United States and Turkey are negotiating the closure of the Bosphorus Strait to military ships of the Russian Armed Forces, the portal reported. According to it, Washington could give Ankara control of large areas in the north of the Syrian Arab Republic in exchange for banning the movement of ships of the Russian armed forces in the Black Sea.

At the moment, this information is unconfirmed. However, it is known that Washington and Ankara are already conducting negotiations on the northern part of Syria and confronting Russia within the framework of NATO.

In this regard, he said The leading expert in the CenterMilitary and Political Research at the Moscow State Institute of International Relations, Professor of Political Science, Mikhail Alexandrov:

The states could suggest such a matter to Turkey. The goal here is not only to spoil relations between Russia and Turkey, but also to provoke a military conflict between the two countries. It is unlikely that Russia will calmly swallow up the closure of the passage of its warships across the Bosphorus Strait. Rather, it will proceed to penetrate it. We must not forget that such actions by Turkey would mean a violation of the Montreux Convention.

Today, it is clear that they will not be able to bring down Assad, that Russia is firmly entrenched in Syria, and that the American presence in the region does not bring the United States significant benefits, but rather draws significant resources from more important things. But Americans don’t want to leave without a gain. So they are trying to “sell” these areas to Turkey in exchange for Ankara turning to an anti-Russian policy.

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Are the Turks ready to “buy” the supply?

It is unlikely that the Turks would allow themselves to be manipulated. The Montreux Convention for Turkey is one of the cornerstones of its security. The Turks will not exchange it for the Kurdish areas in Syria. Especially as they are well aware that the United States will have to leave Syria sooner or later, and at the moment of its departure, a window of opportunity will open for Turkey to occupy part of the Kurdish areas.

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