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The Turw Agreement was imminent, and the new Polish minister didn’t help

She promised to stay at the convention only for one day, but it only exacerbated the problem.

Poland’s new climate and environment minister, Anna Moskov, was originally supposed to deal with the only controversial issue that has so far stymied agreements between the Czech Republic and Poland regarding the Turw coal mine and compensation for the Czech Republic.

The point at which it once stopped in time is the term of the contract, during which the contract must not be terminated by either party. Instead, the minister opened up last summer and introduced things that had hitherto been considered familiar.

The new minister discussed reparations and the European Court of Justice’s Court of Justice. We tried to explain to them that some newly opened topics are hard for us to explain. There was a match in the sixth compensation. The questioning of the European Court of Justice is inadmissible. For us, the guarantor is that the contract will be complied with in the future, without which it cannot be concluded, said Liberec District Governor Martin Beta.

We warn you about a written proposal from the Czech side. The question is whether he will drink it. In addition, Environment Minister Richard Brabeck will take up his duties soon.

Beta said that a government that is in a state of resignation would not likely agree to such an agreement, nor did he. According to him, a new government will be formed in December, and therefore it is difficult to decide whether the Polish side will come closer to negotiations.

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Poland also plays t. In the meantime, it is appropriate for him to agree and have access to a court at the European Court of Justice. This will end the penalties that Poland will have to pay for non-violation in Turw.

However, if the signing is delayed, the fine will be determined by the court, with which Poland concludes a contract. Sanctions are now more than 25 million euros, which is about 630 million kroner. However, every day it increases by a million euros.

According to Hnut Greenpeace and other organizations associated with the Spolen water platform, an agreement is concluded with Poland in a situation where it does not respect the decision of the court and the European Union first, which is absurd. According to them, there is no guarantee that Poland will honor the contract, when the refusal is also compatible with the court.

aloba nen bunka in the shop to move here and there on the current whim. Poland must clearly show good faith and fully agree to the limited request and finish it soon. The new government, which must decide on the treaty and status, must be decisively ambitious, says Greenpeace Nicole Krieghoff.

And he will speed up the agreement so hard that there are doubts about the hermetic wall, which could block the flow of groundwater from the Czech Republic due to the need in Toro. Josef Havel of the TG Masaryk Research Center said the wall is nearing completion, but no signs of a slower decline in water levels have been confirmed in the Czech lands.

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The dispute over you in Turkey began with a public hearing before the Court of Justice of the European Union in Luxembourg. But the verdict will be clear and in a few months. The European Court will only be violated first by Poland.