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The two Russian cosmonauts are rehearsing to go out into the open space


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Two Russian cosmonauts, Oleg Novitsky and Pyotr Dubov, will soon be rehearsing for their exit from the International Space Station into open space.

By wearing the new space suits and using the devices and equipment available in the Russian sector of the International Space Station.

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This came in a statement published by the Russian state space agency “Roskosmos”. The statement said that the new Russian crew had studied the documents and instructions, the algorithm for going into open space and films filmed by other Russian cosmonauts outside the station and in the aquatic laboratory of the “Gagarin” Cosmonaut Training Center.

A spokesman for “Ross Cosmos” had reported earlier that the exit of the two Russian astronauts from the station into open space was postponed to September 3 and 9 from September 2 and 8, at the request of American colleagues.

The main task of the Russian astronauts’ work outside the space station is to achieve the integration of the multi-tasking Russian “Naoka” unit with the devices and equipment of the Russian sector at the station, achieving all stages of the deployment of the “Naoka” unit and its integration with the Russian sector and operating all its capabilities.

It is noteworthy that the crew of the Russian sector at the International Station is preparing to host the crew of the manned Soyuz-M19 spacecraft, which will be carried to the station next October by the actress of the space movie “The Challenge”, Yulia Peresibald and the film’s director Klim Shipenko.

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Source: TASS