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A new embodiment of the world's appreciation of the UAE's contributions in the field of space

The UAE.. a distinguished leadership in the space sector

The UAE.. a distinguished leadership in the space sector

The United Arab Emirates has become a clear example of determination, persistence, and challenging the impossible, through its regional, Arab, and global leadership in various sectors, especially the space sector. On his approach that nothing is impossible, and with the cadres and capabilities of the countrymen, it is possible to overcome the difficulties and achieve achievements, and to transform from a country whose economy is oil to a knowledge-based country that invades the vast world of space and explores the moon.
In this context, the Mohammed bin Rashid Space Center announced that the launch date for the Emirates Lunar Exploration Project, which is the first Emirati and Arab mission to the surface of the moon, will be on November 28, and it will present new discoveries about the “Mare Frigoris” region located in the far north of the moon, and the explorer will “ Rashid »by studying the properties of the soil, the geology of the moon, the movement of dust, plasma, and the photoelectric envelope, which makes the explorer «Rashid» one of the most anticipated space missions, because it covers places that have not been explored by any of the spacecraft, or even previous inhabited missions.
The steps taken by the UAE towards strengthening its position in the space sector are very successful, especially since they are based on studied scientific bases. Therefore, the Emirates Space Agency, on the sidelines of its participation in the Conference of the Parties to the United Nations Convention on Climate Change, launched “COP 27”, which was hosted by the Arab Republic of Egypt. In the city of “Sharm El-Sheikh”, the “Space Data Park”, the digital platform that aims to collect and provide space data for scientists, researchers, government and private institutions, startups and community members.
The “Space Data Park” aims to find solutions to meet national and global challenges, provide an innovative system for space data and technologies, as well as increase the number of space companies and patents, attract the best innovators, and raise the proportion of scientific research production, which may contribute to the growth, development and knowledge of the country.
The reality and future of the space sector in the UAE heralds impressive and unparalleled achievements due to the country’s determination to achieve its vision to lead the world in this sector, and to possess sufficient national and Arab cadres capable of innovating in the fields of space science, for the benefit of all nations. Because the only way to benefit from the development of technology is to be able to produce it ourselves, or at least be involved in its production, and not be far from it or excluded from it.

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