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الصورة: أ.د. محمّد عبد الرّحيم سلطان العلماء

The UAE flag is a banner of glory and pride

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When you are in a foreign country and you see your country’s flag flying in the sky, a kind of chill runs through your body that summarizes all the words that can be said about the deep spiritual and cultural significance of science and its intensification of the nation’s presence in the conscience. It is a symbol of the homeland and man, and when you celebrate it, you evoke all these noble feelings that intensify the moment of the emotional presence of science in the heart of man, and tell the story of the emergence of the homeland and the building of its national identity, and the selection of the flag indicative of its spirit, culture and moral values.

As an expression of the great celebration of the UAE Flag Day, His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai, may God protect him, published a wonderful clip on his account on “Instagram” of a wonderful poem he had published before A previous period expresses the most wonderful expression of the depth of the sense of the symbolism of the flag in the national conscience, in conjunction with the publication of a wonderful tweet with content on his Twitter account, summarizing, in their integration, the march of the homeland and the journey of conscience that is summarized by the state flag flying in the high sky.

In front of the pavilions of one hundred and ninety countries participating in the Expo 2020 Dubai, the flag of the UAE was raised on this glorious day in the history of the nation, expressing the feelings of pride and pride that dwell in the hearts of the people of this authentic country. It necessarily means that you have a civilized personality on this earth, and His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid expressed this historic moment with a superb and proud tweet when he said: “The UAE celebrated today in its schools, universities, bodies, ministries and homes by raising the state flag, and I celebrated by raising it at the Expo in front of The wings of 190 countries”, expressing with these words full of pride the splendor of the national feeling on this national day, as it is not a celebration specific to state institutions only, but it is a general feeling that permeates the national spirit in all the facilities of the country in which the national conscience is made and the concept of belonging to this soil is refined. Dear, the homes of citizens and all state institutions in one moment raised the flag of the Emirates as an expression of the feelings of pride in this beloved country, whose wealth we live on and redeem with our lives. Or the pavilions of all the countries participating in the Expo 2020 Dubai, an expression of the depth of pride in the national identity, and the consolidation of the value of the flag in the Emirati personality, which does not neglect this precious national heritage that Zayed made a trust in the necks of all who belong to this dear and beloved country.

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His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid continues his talk about the nation’s flag and its symbolic significance for everything in this dear country, saying: “Our flag fifty years ago was just an idea, it was a dream, and today we raise it with pride and honor in front of 190 countries, may God protect the UAE.” The great ones are the condensed summary of the story of the nation that arose fifty years ago, and was searching for its self-identity, which is always embodied in the flag, which was an idea and a dream, but with the determination of sincere men and their dedication to self-denial, this flag has become the clearest facts indicative of the national character of the Emirates, which raises its flag Today, among this huge number of nations and peoples that all gathered in the land of the Emirates, expressing their confidence in the ability of the Emirates, its originality, and its cultural capabilities, which preceded many of the peoples who came to life many years before the Emirates.

In two poetic verses overflowing with magnificence and attractiveness, His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid expressed the depth of the presence of knowledge in the national conscience when he addressed him with pride and said:

Oh, our flag is high in the sky

Raising you makers of the union

The garment of glory in you is over, embodied

P four colors oh symbol of the country

In this language that resembles a monologue, His Highness addresses the country’s flag that flutters in the high sky of the homeland, remembering those great men who made the union, which His Highness explained with a heart full of nostalgia for those difficult days that he lived through in the decisive moments before the announcement of the union, as we find it simplified in his biography “My Story: 50 Stories in Fifty Years,” where he excelled with his delicate pen in drawing the features of faces while she awaits the moment of the declaration of the union, and what that declaration means in terms of resurrecting the national identity and drawing the new flag of the homeland, which means above all that we have a homeland that deserves to live free and defend it With all strength, determination and persistence, which is what His Highness expressed in the second verse of this passage, where all glory was embodied in this flag, which is the nation’s dress and the cloak of its pride and glory. .

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May God preserve the Emirates, dear and impregnable, and perpetuate goodness upon it, and make it a home of glory and security, and bestow upon its good and authentic people the blessing of security and stability. The good homeland, and they left this world with their eyes recommending the heirs to the homeland and the person, for their good souls may all be in peace, and God illuminated their graves with spirit and basil.