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The UAE is committed to space exploration and to promoting understanding and coexistence

Her Excellency Sarah bint Youssef Al Amiri, President of the Emirates Space Agency, said in an inspiring speech at Al Wasl Square: “We gather at Expo 2020 Dubai as one world, a world full of hope after the pandemic. We gathered today in Al Wasl to talk about the greatest connection between us all, which is planet Earth. “We don’t realize how interconnected the “blue dot” is until we study it from space. We rarely appreciate the delicate tissue that sustains life until we observe the atmosphere from space.”

Her Excellency added after a special presentation at the Al Wasl Dome that took the audience on a captivating space journey: “As we continue to explore the world in which we live, we must always remember that we are one species, one species on one Earth, the only place we live, and as we adapt to a dynamic world Complex and rapidly changing, the UAE is committed to promoting progress in space exploration and promoting understanding and coexistence among human beings.

Her Excellency informed the attendees of the new mission announced by the UAE this October to send a spacecraft on a journey of 3.6 billion kilometers to explore the asteroid belt with the aim of understanding the history of planet formation and the future of space exploration.

Her Excellency concluded her speech by saying: “Let us continue the journey of understanding from this point (the connection) where the world meets, and motivates it forward and achieves further exploration.”

The show, inspired by Hazza Al Mansouri’s flight to the International Space Station, was attended by astronauts from five countries: Andrey Borisenko (Russia), Claude Nicolier (Switzerland), Christer Vogelsang (Sweden), Marcos Pontes (Brazil), and Naoko Yamazaki (Japan).

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The space shows on the dome of Al Wasl Square began with the phrase “The progress and prosperity of any nation begins with education,” which embodies the direction of the government and people of the UAE to focus on education, science and explorations that are in the interest of humanity.

The Space Week will be held from October 17 to 23, as part of Expo 2020 Dubai, and presents a set of themes and discussions that will discuss challenges and solutions to explore beyond the orbit of the planet. Space Week is held in cooperation with the Emirates Space Agency and the Mohammed bin Rashid Space Center.