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The UAE is investing $ 690 million in UK CityFiber during the President's visit

The UAE is investing $ 690 million in UK CityFiber during the President’s visit

The United Arab Emirates on Wednesday said it would invest மில்லியன் 500 million ($ 690 million) in UK-based Citi Fiber, the real head of Gulf state heading to London to launch high-speed broadband.

A statement from British Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s office said, “Investing in digital infrastructure is part of Citi Fiber’s big fundraising drive. During the visit of Sheikh Mohammed bin Saeed Al Nahyan, the Mubadala Investment Fund of the Abu Dhabi Investment Company will expand the sovereign investment federation agreed upon earlier this year.

The United Arab Emirates said this month that it was seeking comprehensive economic agreements with high-growth countries, including the United Kingdom, after Brexit. According to the Johnson Office, the UAE and the UK will focus on UK-level investments in life sciences, technology, energy transfer and infrastructure.

He said the two countries would agree to a partnership to combat the illegal financial flow.

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