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The UAE leads international efforts in the field of space

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The UAE’s victory in the presidency of the United Nations Committee for the Peaceful Uses of Outer Space “COBOS” earlier this month was another important event in the series of events and developments that confirm the international community’s confidence in the UAE and its wise leadership, and its ability to lead the whole world towards a more cooperative future in the face of the growing challenges it faces Creating a better future for all.

The country’s assumption of the presidency of this committee, which is one of the largest committees in the United Nations, which includes 100 countries in its membership, represents, on the other hand, a new achievement for the Emirati diplomacy, which has established itself as one of the most successful diplomatic schools in the world after making the Emirates a reliable friend to all The world’s major countries and forces.

With regard to the issue of space in particular, this diplomatic victory and the choice of the UAE to chair this UN committee, undoubtedly represents an international recognition of the great efforts and achievements made by the UAE in this regard, starting with the establishment of institutions that manage, implement and follow up on its ambitious project towards space exploration. led by the Emirates Space Agency, which was established in 2014, and the Mohammed bin Rashid Space Center in 2015, the first space research center was established in the region, the launch of the National Space Strategy in 2019, and the announcement of many important related initiatives such as the initiative to establish a “city” Mars Science” to simulate life on Mars, and send the first Arab Emirati astronaut to the International Space Station in September 2019, before the UAE crowned all its efforts in this field by launching the Hope Probe to Mars to be the first Arab country, and one of the few countries in the world All, achieve this achievement.

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The country also announced a new mission in the field of space, which includes building an Emirati spacecraft that will travel 3.6 billion kilometers, during which it will reach the planet Venus and 7 asteroids within the solar system and make a historic landing on the last asteroid in its five-year journey.

These efforts and achievements that have placed the UAE firmly on the list of countries interested in exploring space and harnessing its capabilities to serve issues of development and prosperity, in addition to the country’s international confidence thanks to its brilliant diplomacy, is what qualified it to win the presidency of this important UN committee.

However, the UAE does not only seek to reach these important international positions, but considers these positions as a tool to achieve its benevolent vision for the whole world, and therefore it will work strongly during the next two years in which it will assume the presidency of this committee in order to achieve the goals that the committee and the UAE seek to chair it. The Committee has a defining stage in the history of its work, both with regard to building policies to ensure the sustainability of space, encouraging the adoption of regulatory frameworks calling for responsible behavior, and encouraging fair and peaceful access to space for all countries, in addition to supporting and encouraging knowledge transfer programs between countries as a tool for developing the space economy at the global level. Global.

While the presidency of the son of the Emirates, Imran Sharaf, director of the Emirates Mars Exploration Project, for this committee will highlight the capabilities of the people of the Emirates to take on the most important international positions and institutions, the UAE presidency of the UN International Committee will be a living embodiment of the principle of the impossible that is adopted by the government of the UAE and its wise leadership, especially in light of this stage that It is witnessing intense competition between countries to control space through the launch of large numbers of satellites.

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