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The UAE leads the region in the space race

The UAE leads the region in the space race

Dubai: «The Gulf»

The UAE is leading the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) race for the stars, according to a new report titled “Space Technology in the Arabian Gulf” issued by SpaceTech Analytics, a subsidiary of the Deep Knowledge Group.

The UAE has launched 16 satellites so far, and is also planning to launch another satellite and a group of small radar satellites.

The report reveals key developments in 40 space-related companies, 14 major investors, 11 research and development centers, and 37 satellites launched in the GCC region up to the third quarter of 2022. The report provides in-depth analyzes of all key aspects of the region’s space technology ecosystem. .

In July 2022, the UAE Space Agency announced its long-term commitment to innovation by launching the National Space Fund, worth more than $810 million, with the aim of encouraging global partnerships in the UAE.

International cooperation

The report touches on several cooperative projects between companies located in the Gulf Cooperation Council countries and international organizations. For example, AzurX, a UAE-based space investment firm, has partnered with AstroAgency, a Scottish space marketing firm, to support local space companies.

The Emirates project to explore the moon is the first of its kind in the region, as the Mohammed bin Rashid Space Center plans to launch a spacecraft to the surface of the moon in the fourth quarter of 2022. In partnership with the Japanese company iSpace, the Emiratis will build the rover – the Hakuto-R lander – at the center Mohammed bin Rashid Space Station in Dubai, making the UAE the first Arab country to launch a mission to the moon.

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