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الفنانة الأمريكية أليشيا كيز

The UAE makes dreams come true

American singer Alicia Keys is preparing to perform in the “Timeless Evenings” series at Expo 2020 Dubai, coinciding with the release of her new album “Keys”.

The 15-time Grammy-winning singer-songwriter revealed at a press conference the location of the release of her much-anticipated new album.

Keys said, “I am very excited to release my new album (Keys) to the world from here from Dubai, with a very special performance in the ‘Immortal Evenings’ series. This is not just a private concert, but a one-night event, and the venue is inside The magical dome in Al Wasl Square gives an unparalleled positive energy. I am the oldest of world music, and the way I was able to spread my tunes as an artist was without limits. Expo 2020 knows no boundaries, it is a vision of a future that we all want to create.”

Keys’ new album – featuring the singer’s signature songs – is about letting go of anything holding you back or pushing back unseen barriers and boundaries.

“I love the celebration that Keys represents,” she says. “It’s this passion and desire to open doors to glory and fame in front of yourself. You don’t have to be underestimated in any way, in front of anyone on the planet. You have to be just who you are. It’s They took a practice, though sometimes I’m better at it than others. My new motto is ‘Nothing is too much.’ If you like it and feel good about it, allow yourself to live that expression and not worry about it.”

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In keeping with the Expo 2020 Dubai theme of ‘Opportunities’, Keys says she values ​​all that the theme stands for, adding: “For me, it is all about innovation, making dreams come true. This is one of the things I love about the UAE. “Opportunities are also about creating the world you want to live in and creating what you want to experience to bring out the best in you. It fits perfectly with my very core, as I vow to keep dreaming as much as I can.”

Keys married a Muslim and has a son named “Egypt” (Egypt). The artist reiterates the feelings of true love, familiarity and closeness she feels for the region: “It’s a commendable familiarity. Every time I come here, it’s about progress and what can be created and created. I find it very inspiring. It is one of the fastest growing creative centers in the world. And I completely agree with that. All the countries that came together at Expo 2020 have different cultural backgrounds, but we can be in the same place with feelings of love, harmony and respect.”

In a preview of her show at Al Wasl Square, Keys describes how fun it would be, expressing her enthusiasm to perform in this unique space: “It’s not a linear space, it’s very open and flexible, I’m really thinking of a way to interact with the space and with the audience, it will be There’s a little magic and a lot of creative energy on stage that takes the audience on a beautiful journey.”

The promotional video for the song “Best of Me” from the new album features clips of Keys with her husband, “Swiss Pets” and their two sons, which represents a transformation for the artist who has, to some extent, preserved the sanctity of her private life in the past twenty years.

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“I feel like I’m out of bounds, and I’m really proud of my family,” Keys says. “I love the way I’ve grown up as a woman, and I love being in such an ancient and beloved place, so why not say that? Why don’t we make it clear that this kind of energy is very possible?” Explain that this is a world we can have and a vision we can make?, I wrote “Best of Me” for my husband, and we also did a wonderful four-part family series called “Notes”; it’s about acceptance and growth, and audiences are hooked because we’re all exposed to stories and paths They are similar, which is why it was good to open the doors to this and share it with the public.”

While the doors were open to Keys, the keys to her kingdom in her hands, there was no stopping her now; She says, “I had a huge tour scheduled but unfortunately postponed due to the pandemic, but I will resume it in the summer of 2022, and it will include America and Europe in addition to Dubai of course.”

Keys is a widespread role model for women and girls around the world, and her soon-to-be-released graphic novel for youth, Girl in Fire, is highly anticipated. Revealing some of the details of the novel, Keys said, “It’s about a girl named Lulu, who grew up in Brooklyn, discovers she has superpowers, which shocks and surprises her, as she has to figure out what to do with them – how to harness them and when to use them. It’s a metaphor for our superpowers. “We all have something special to offer. It’s about figuring out how to get these powers and use them.”

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The Keys concert will kick off on Friday, December 10, at 22:00 UAE time at Al Wasl Square.

The ceremony will also be broadcast live globally via, and will also be available to watch on multiple channels, including Expo 2020 TV, on YouTube, Facebook and Oculus VR.