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The UAE national team will face Vietnam in the decisive match tomorrow

The UAE national team will face Vietnam in the decisive match tomorrow

Our team raises the slogan “There is no alternative to victory” when it faces Vietnam tomorrow evening at Zabeel Stadium in Al Wasl Club, where Al-Abyad must outperform its opponent to be able to qualify directly for the next stage of the 2022 World Cup qualifiers, after the competition between the two teams was limited to the first and second places in Group G in the double qualifiers for the 2022 World Cup and the 2023 Asian Cup finals.

Our team enters tomorrow’s match, which starts at 8:45, with a score of 15 points, two points ahead of the leaders Vietnam with 17 points, and the tie will not be in favor of Al-Abyad because it remains its rival on the top, so that winning is the only way available to our team to ensure its passage to the last stage. From the qualifiers without entering into the calculations of the preference for second place.

Our team played three matches, all of which were won by a large difference of goals, starting with a four-way victory over Malaysia, then beating Thailand by three goals to one, before sweeping Indonesia with five clean goals. Vietnam, for its part, beat Indonesia by four clean goals, and won Malaysia with two goals to one.

The last match between the two teams was on November 14, 2019, in the second round of the current qualifiers, which ended with the Vietnamese team winning 1-0, in the confrontation that saw the expulsion of Al-Abyad defender Khalifa Al Hammadi in the 37th minute of the first half, while Vietnam scored his goal seven minutes after the expulsion case.

Our team counts in tomorrow’s meeting on several factors, the most important of which is the readiness of its players, the great technical excellence of a number of its stars, and the striking attacking force that enabled it to score 12 goals in the last three matches, in addition to the high morale and the wonderful atmosphere that prevails in the corridors of the team, and the most important factor represented in support The huge audience that the white stars are expected to get, after tickets for the match were sold out two days ago.

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Majed Hassan: We will play to win

Majed Hassan, the midfielder of our national team, stressed the importance of tomorrow’s match against Vietnam, considering that it is a one-way confrontation, because Al-Abyad has no other choice than to achieve victory over its opponent and surpass it in points, to cross to the next stage of the World Cup qualifiers and maintain He hopes to achieve the dream of returning to the World Cup.

Majed Hassan reassured the Emirati fans of the team’s readiness, noting that Al-Abyad had completed its preparations in an ideal manner and was ready to confront his opponent, promising to fight hard to snatch the qualification card, and to make the fans who supported the players strongly in previous matches, and is expected to continue their support for them in the face of the fateful tomorrow. .

Majed admitted that the match will not be easy, because the opponent has the same motives, and will not give up easily, and will do everything he has to resolve qualification in his favour, adding that all the players of the team realize that obtaining the crossing card requires double effort and continuous effort throughout the ninety minutes, stressing that they will present All they have is to win and secure qualification.

Khalfan Mubarak: We will fight to qualify

Khalfan Mubarak, our national team player, promised to continue fighting to qualify for the next stage of the World Cup qualifiers, indicating that beating Vietnam in tomorrow’s match is a must, and the only and irreplaceable option until Al-Abyad continues his career in the World Cup qualifiers and remains He hopes to appear in the 2022 World Cup.

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Khalfan Mubarak confirmed the readiness of his fellow players who aspire to continue victories, after the team succeeded in winning three times in a row in the previous matches, adding that the good results boosted their self-confidence more, raised the morale of the players, and would be an additional motivation for them to continue on the path of victories.

He said: “We realize that the Vietnamese team also has ambitions, and is looking, like us, for a ticket to qualify for the next stage, and we know that the match will be difficult, especially as we are facing a fierce competitor that has presented good levels and won in the last two matches, and despite the strength of the opponent and the difficulty of the task, but we have full confidence in our ability achieve the desired.”

Bandar Al-Ahbabi: The atmosphere in the national team camp is stimulating

Bandar Al-Ahbabi, player of our national team, praised the wonderful atmosphere in the team’s camp before the decisive confrontation with Vietnam, considering that it motivates the players to give their best, after the administrative and technical bodies made great efforts to provide all requirements, and the team was prepared in the best way to be a competitor for the qualification card. Direct to the next stage of the World Cup qualifiers.

Bandar pointed to the distinguished level presented by the team in the previous three matches, indicating that the victories that were achieved were the result of a great team work, in which everyone contributed, betting on the spirit of one team to overcome Vietnam’s obstacle on the way to the next stage of the qualifiers, expressing his hope that he will succeed. With the rest of his colleagues to achieve the desired goal.

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Bandar Al Ahbabi saluted the Emirati fans, who have supported the team strongly in previous matches, noting that their presence inside the stadium was one of the important factors in Al-Abyad’s victories, and said: “We owe a lot of credit to our loyal fans for their strong stance behind the team, and we are confident that they will be present in the match.” Tomorrow is encouraging and supportive, and I hope with all my heart that we will be on time and give the fans the qualification ticket.”

An Iraqi jury led by international Ali Sabah

The International Football Association (FIFA) assigned the task of refereeing tomorrow’s match between our national team and its Vietnamese counterpart to an Iraqi referee, led by the international Ali Sabah Al-Qaisi as referee, and first assistant Haider Abdul Hassan Obeidi, second assistant Amir Daoud Hussein, and Ammar Ibrahim Mahfouz from Bahrain as fourth referee.