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The UAE opens its embassy in Israel... Video

The UAE opens its embassy in Israel… Video

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Today, Wednesday, the UAE opened its embassy in Israel, in the presence of Israeli President Isaac Herzog, in an official ceremony.

And the “Israel in Arabic” website published on Twitter, videos while the UAE ambassador to Israel, Muhammad Al Khaja, raised his country’s flag outside the Stock Exchange building in Tel Aviv, next to the Israeli President, Isaac Herzog.

Al Khaja said, After the embassy opened“The embassy will be a headquarters for the continuity of cooperation between us and to secure the foundations of peace,” adding that “the UAE and Israel are two innovative nations, and we hope that the opening of the embassy will be a milestone between our two countries and peoples.”

For his part, Herzog expressed his happiness at participating in the opening of the UAE embassy in Israel at the beginning of his term, saying: “Our countries have a lot in common. Peace is not born in conferences, but in the hearts of people, and we must expand peace agreements for other countries,” adding: “I look forward to it.” To visit the UAE and work with the leadership to expand the circle of peace.

On June 30, Yair Lapid, the Israeli Minister of Foreign Affairs, opened an Israeli consulate in Dubai, at a moment described by the Israeli Foreign Ministry as “historic.”

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It is noteworthy that Israel and the UAE signed a normalization agreement in September 2020, under the auspices of former US President Donald Trump, who attended the normalization ceremony in Washington.

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