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The UAE votes in favor of the UN General Assembly resolution on the situation in Ukraine

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The United Arab Emirates voted in favor of a resolution adopted by the United Nations General Assembly on the situation in Ukraine.

During the emergency special session of the United Nations General Assembly, Ambassador Lana Nusseibeh, Assistant Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation for Political Affairs, Permanent Representative of the UAE to the United Nations, said: “We voted in favor of this resolution, and we join Member States in the appeal to achieve peace, a just peace that lasts through Recognizing the legitimate concerns of all parties, and also adhering to the principles of the United Nations Charter calling for respect for independence, sovereignty and territorial integrity.”

She pointed out that achieving sustainable peace requires effective dialogue and diplomacy. In this regard, she said: “The UAE realizes the need to confront this moment by renewing diplomatic efforts and international leadership, so that the actual needs of the people are placed at the center of our efforts. Avenues for dialogue must remain open It is more urgent than ever, and we must strive together to achieve this.”

She added, “Despite the deep divisions, it is now time to identify all available diplomatic means and engage constructively to end this conflict, as well as wisdom and reliance on experience must prevail to move forward.”

She stated that the credibility of the United Nations depends on its representation of the countries of the world, and its effectiveness in applying the principles supported by the international community… calling for the application of these principles on an equal footing.

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Her Excellency expressed the UAE’s deep concern about the humanitarian developments in Ukraine, and said: “The international community’s collective responsibility should focus on exhausting all efforts and using all diplomatic channels to prevent further deterioration of the humanitarian situation.”

In the same context, on March 1, the UAE announced that it would provide relief aid to all affected civilians in Ukraine at a value of $5 million, in response to the urgent United Nations appeal and the regional response plan for refugees in Ukraine, which reflects the country’s deep commitment to the principles of humanitarian solidarity. Ensure the protection of civilians and unhindered access for humanitarian agencies and their representatives, establish safe corridors, and allow anyone who wishes to leave to do so without discrimination or hindrance.

Her Excellency noted the need to mobilize the efforts of the United Nations to promote dialogue, end hostilities, and address the humanitarian situation, by extending a helping hand to those in dire need of assistance.

The UAE was one of the 141 member states that voted in favor of the United Nations General Assembly resolution.