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The UK classifies octopuses, crabs and crabs as sentient beings

The UK classifies octopuses, crabs and crabs as sentient beings

Crabs, octopuses and crabs are now the animals of the UK Plans for classifying organisms, A move that could lay the groundwork for change in the way these animals are treated and slaughtered in the country.

The UK government, which has been trying to change animal welfare laws since Brexit, last week added cephalopods (including squid and octopus), decapods (crabs and crabs) and shrimp to a list of species included in the bill. Officially recognizes the ability of some animals to feel pain-like emotions. The bill would create a panel aimed at ensuring that the sensitivity of animals is taken into account when formulating UK public policy.

The original bill treats all animals with sensitive backbones, leaving out other creatures such as crabs, octopuses and crabs. The extension comes after a file Report by the London School of Economics They discovered that these animals have the ability to feel pain or suffering.

Jonathan Birch, professor and principal researcher at the London School of Economics Basic scheme of part sentences.

Studies have looked at whether animals have pain receptors, whether they exhibit learning ability, and how they respond to pain medications.

However, the balance of resources tends to favor sensitivity. In the octopus, it is very powerful. And when you look at shrimp … self-confidence is very low, ”said Birch.

He said researchers are interested in a range of animal sensations, including pleasure, pleasure and comfort. But pain and suffering are very important in animal welfare laws.

The changes to the bill will not have immediate consequences for restaurants or commercial fishing companies, but will help shape future animal welfare policy in the UK, according to a government press release.

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When formulating new policies, government ministers need to evaluate their impact on animals and how they feel.

“When you value something as a sentient being, the principles you adopt must apply to other beings,” Birch said. “Homicide requires training. These are principles that people can easily connect with any backbone. ”

The report took into account commercial animal welfare concerns and recommended against practices such as steaming live rocks without electrocution, plucking lobster claws, or selling live decapods to untrained handlers.

The report says that a humane and commercially viable method for killing octopuses and other cephalopods could not be found.

According to the report, the main means of killing these creatures in European waters – beating with sticks, cutting the brain or suffocating in a hanging net bag – should not be accepted by those on fishing boats.

“There is a real lack of research in this area,” Birch said. “Standard methods of massacre in science cannot be used commercially to produce an edible substance. This is a fundamental question we want to ask.

The The Animal Welfare Bill was passed by the upper house of the UK ParliamentBefore you go to the House of Lords, House of Commons, you need to get offers.