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The UK has announced visa waivers for Saudi Arabia and Bahrain

The UK has announced visa waivers for Saudi Arabia and Bahrain

Announced British Home Office Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and Bahrain, joining countries Gulf Cooperation Council The Saudi Press Agency reports that other Arab countries will have their e-visa waiver granted to the United Kingdom on June 1, 2022 AD, which will deepen cooperation, strengthen diplomatic ties and contribute to economic prosperity.

And citizens of the Kingdom and Bahrain can apply to travel to the United Kingdom (for travel, work, study or medical treatment) for up to six months with an electronic visa waiver, as the waiver allows, the UK Home Office said. Once the application is completed, each visit will be exempted online and a small fee will be charged stating that this service is faster than applying for a visa. Must provide photo and fingerprint information, go to Visa Application Center or hand over passport before travel.

British Home Secretary Priti Patel said the visa waiver for both Bahrain and Saudi Arabia would better connect our people and increase economic prosperity. The announced visa enhancements will keep our citizens safe, while making it easier for visitors from the Gulf region to travel. Here for leisure and business at low cost.

Foreign Secretary Liz Truss said, “The visa waiver will strengthen our relationship with Saudi Arabia and Bahrain, making it easier for visitors from the Gulf to come to the UK, where our friendship with the two countries is very important and structured. On shared priorities such as trade and investment and security. “

Eligible individuals can apply for an electronic visa waiver for up to three months and up to 48 hours for travel.

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