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The UK is backing a tough holiday season due to shortages

The UK is backing a tough holiday season due to shortages

The National Pig Association has warned that about 120,000 pigs will be subsidized due to a shortage of workers in slaughterhouses, and the British Poultry Council expects to reduce Christmas production in India by 20 per cent. Outside the Conservative Party convention in Manchester on Monday, protesters gathered with placards reading “All we want for Christmas is our pigs in blankets” and “Severbagon.”

Consumers are already anticipating shortages. A farmer in Leeds said last month customers had already ordered all 3,500 turkeys they had for Christmas – first.

Lack of truck drivers leads to a shortage of groceries including eggs, milk and pastries. One in six people in the UK have not been able to afford some of the basic food items available in recent weeks, This is stated in a statement issued by the Ministry of National StatisticsThis includes about 3,500 families.

Many consumers interviewed in recent days said they had no difficulty finding them at grocery stores. But Miriam Mahdi, 22, who flew from Italy to the University of Colchester in the south-east of England last month, said she had difficulty finding essentials at her local grocery store in Tesco, the UK’s largest supermarket chain.

“All the dry food, pasta and canned fruit, everything went every day,” he said. Tesco did not respond to a request for comment.

In search of a quick fix, on Monday, 200 tired soldiers arrived at refineries to help carry fuel to gas stations. Half of them drive civilian cars, while others provide logistical support. “As an extra precaution we put extra drivers in place,” Chunak said.

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The government said this weekend Thousands of temporary visas for foreign workers working in the UK have been extended for months from next year. But economists say temporary visas may not be enough for a big change because there is a shortage of every link in the supply chain.