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The UK is considering providing STARStreak air defense systems to Ukraine

The UK is increasing its arms supplies to Ukraine, describing it as Russia’s “blind and deadly” invasion.

The UK is considering sending StarStreet missiles to Ukraine as its support grows after Russia’s invasion.

Secretary of Defense Ben Wallace described how Vladimir Putin’s invading army caused “terrible destruction” in civilian areas.

He explained that despite the initial commitment to supply 2,000 anti-tank weapons, Russia’s “blind and dangerous” progress had increased UK support.

But what Starstreak missiles could make up a portion of exports to Ukraine? Everything you need to know is here.

What are StarStreck missiles?

Starstreak is a manned air defense system (MANPADS or MPADS) developed by Thales Air Defense in Belfast.

The company describes the missile as “designed to provide close air defense against conventional air threats such as standard wing fighter jets and helicopters”.

Thales added that Starstreak is a “versatile missile” that can be launched from land, sea and air light sites.

So it “can be used quickly for operations and is easy to integrate into the force structure,” he says.

Also known as the StarStreet HVM, a short-range ballistic missile produced by the Thales Air Defense, it is the world’s fastest ground-to-air missile. The range of the missile is more than 7 km.

After launch, the missile travels faster than Mach 4, which turns into an air missile from an extremely short distance.

The missile has been in service with the British Army since 1997 and has been used by other forces around the world, such as the forces of South Africa and India.

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