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The UK is deporting more than 5,700 people from Afghanistan

The UK is deporting more than 5,700 people from Afghanistan

According to the AFP, the United Kingdom has expelled more than 5,700 people from Afghanistan, the British government announced Sunday evening, doubling efforts to expedite the process before withdrawing U.S. forces.

Since its launch on August 13, the Ministry of Defense has allowed the evacuation of 5,725 people from Kabul, including more than 3,100 Afghans and their families, according to a statement.

In addition to Afghans working domestically in the UK, diplomats and citizens of the Kingdom and other countries were expelled.

Don Blansport, a British military officer commanding more than 1,000 soldiers in Kabul, described the task as “very complicated and demanding.”

The terrible difficulties faced by families and individuals in getting to the airport are clear, and the men and women in the front row have seen and seen some heartbreaking scenes.

He added that by distributing 30,000 liters of water, 5,000 meals a day, and diapers, baby milk and hygiene products, we are doubling our efforts to speed up operations and support the most vulnerable.

After the Taliban came to power on August 15, thousands of families gathered near the international airport in an attempt to flee the country, and the British Defense Ministry said seven Afghans had been killed in a stampede near the airport on Sunday morning.

And the deadline for the US administration to withdraw its troops from Afghanistan is August 31.

Faced with such a tight schedule and difficult situation, British Defense Secretary Ben Wallace told the Mail on Sunday that Americans would receive “all support” from the British if they stayed longer.

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He also noted that centers for studying eviction requests would be set up “outside Afghanistan” in locations in the region.

Ben Wallace spoke with his U.S. envoy, Lloyd Austin, on Sunday, and his ministry said:

Foreign Minister Dominic Robb was criticized for staying on holiday in Crete when Kabul fell to the Taliban, and spoke with his US envoy, Anthony Blingen.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced on Sunday that the leaders of the seven groups would hold a meeting on Tuesday to discuss the situation in Afghanistan via the Internet.