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The UK is increasingly booking trips to Mexico and Thailand after being left off the red list

The UK is increasingly booking trips to Mexico and Thailand after being left off the red list

Demand for this specialty has grown significantly as a result of recent corporate scandals, including in Mexico and Thailand.

At 4pm on Monday, 47 countries were removed from the list, meaning travelers to these countries will no longer have to spend 11 nights in an isolated hotel for up to 2,285 per person, the British newspaper reported. , “Evening Standard”.

UK-based travelers are planning to see loved ones on long vacations or long-awaited trips as booking sites have announced increased interest in traveling to countries such as Mexico and Thailand.

After the government announced the red list changes last Thursday night, Skyskanna Ali reported a 60 per cent increase in traffic over the next three hours compared to the same period last week, according to Mail Online.

In particular, the company’s booking site saw a 126 percent increase in searches for Mexico compared to the previous day. Searches for Thailand increased by 112 percent, while “everywhere” was selected on the same site, ranking third on the site’s most popular searches.

The Inding Standard announced last week that some airlines had doubled bookings for certain destinations in the days leading up to Thursday’s announcement as expectations of the possibility of long-haul travel increased.

Stephanie Boyle, the company’s travel expert, said: “We expect immediate demand to increase with pre-holiday searches and bookings such as mid-October and winter.

In addition to the holiday trip, we will see an increase in bookings for those who want to see their loved ones during the festive season. This rule change will lead to long-term planning, and we expect a sharp increase in searches and bookings later in the year and in 2022.

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Since last Thursday, Dubai, Tenerife and Alicante have been the most booked holiday destinations. Spain has not been affected by recent changes in travel rules and remains the most searched country – but South Africa and Thailand have made it into the top 20 most searched destinations in many countries on the previous “red list”.