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The UK is intensifying its crackdown on the Russian media

The UK is intensifying its crackdown on the Russian media

Troops United Kingdom Blocks content from Russian government-provided media, such as social media, Internet service providers, and the App Store Russia today Agency Sputnik.

“To justify Putin’s invasion of Ukraine, RT and Sputnik are justifying the long-term occupation of Ukraine with dangerous nonsense,” Technology and Digital Economy Minister Chris Philip said on Wednesday, May 4.

“We have already cut off these outlets from Britain’s airwaves and are preventing anyone from doing business with them,” Philip added. “

Last March, in addition to the EU’s decision to ban the broadcast of the “Russia Today” channel, the British media regulator Ofcom revoked the “Russia Today” broadcasting license.

Anna Belkina, at the time, Russia Today’s deputy editor-in-chief, noted that the Ofcom license had been revoked “for purely political reasons directly related to the situation in Ukraine.”

It said the regulator had wrongly ruled that “Trussia Today” was not “appropriate and relevant” and thus denied access to information to the British public.

Russia-1 and Russia 24 All-Russian Television and Radio Broadcasting Corporation (VGDRK), which operates 24 channels, have been added to the United Kingdom’s blacklist.

The British government’s foreign affairs, Commonwealth Office and Development (FCDO) broadcaster has accused the broadcaster of “playing a key role in justifying Putin’s aggression against Ukraine.”

The InfoRos and SouthFront news websites were also allowed in, and the DEA accused them of spreading “unsustainable misinformation”.

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