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The UK is preparing to close

The UK is preparing to close

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Elaf from London: The UK is preparing for drastic action over the spread of the Omicron lawsuit, and the British Prime Minister has offered a variety of Plan C options, including a two-week lockout report.
According to the Financial Times, under the so-called “Plan C”, the Prime Minister has been given a number of options, “all the way from light guidance to lock-in to motivate people”.

The newspaper quoted Boris Johnson’s allies as saying that the Prime Minister still wanted to go down the path of guidance, but he needed to be realistic.
Meanwhile, The Times reports that regulations are being developed to close the circuit breaker for two weeks after Christmas. Visiting others inside except for business purposes may be prohibited and visiting bars and restaurants may be restricted to outdoor service only.
A government spokesman said: “The government will continue to monitor all data released and will review our practices as we learn more about this alternative.”

The world is a cabal

A British scientist hopes the strike will not have a significant impact and that “we heard a lot this morning from experts who support a period of political restraint and locking restraints”, but this scientist believes the “drastic” measures will be minimal. Effect.
Dr Mukesh Kapila, a global health professor at the University of Manchester, said it was “smart” to be rational in socializing people, but he had “contradictory” feelings about locking up.
Professor Kapila told Sky News: “The truth is that lockdowns delay the inevitable spread of the virus. But now that the virus is spreading so fast, I do not know if lockdowns will have such an effect.”

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Political decision

Closing would be “a political decision, not necessarily a scientific or epidemiological one”, but for now it is a “very balanced verdict,” he said.
Dr Kapila said he understood the argument that the strike would give more people more time to get booster punches and get started, but he felt the effect would be “trivial”.
“We do not know enough about this alternative and its impact that today or tomorrow could deliver a harsh verdict like full lockdowns,” he added.

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