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المملكة المتحدة تخطط للابتعاد عن "قوانين البيانات الأوروبية" بعد البركسيت

The UK plans to break away from ‘European data laws’ after Brexit

The British government has announced that it is attempting to deviate from European data protection rules by changing privacy rules after Brexit.

Britain’s Minister of Culture, Oliver Dowden, has said the freedom to list his own curriculum could put an end to annoying windows for cookies and online approval requests because he demanded rules that were not “public knowledge, labeling”.

The Guardian noted that the changes would be curtailed by the introduction of a new system that the EU deems appropriate, otherwise data exchanges between the UK and the EU could be disabled.

Data protection rules GDPR Under the Data Protection Act, it was introduced by the European Union in May 2018 after Brexit as part of UK law.

This restriction imposes strict limits on what data controllers can do with individuals’ personal data, and has been criticized by many for overconfidence in consent-based permissions, which some argue has led to a boost in ticking but little meaningful security for citizens.

A government spokesman believes it will prioritize “innovative and responsible use of data” so it can accelerate growth, especially for start-ups and small businesses, to accelerate scientific innovation and improve public services.

According to the report, any future data regulations will be intended to convince other countries that data security in the UK is adequate to allow free and easy exchange of information across international borders, by their own standards.

The government has announced that six countries, including the United States, South Korea and Australia, have signed agreements for the facility.

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