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The UK wants to improve air and nuclear power rather than 'rationalizing' gas

The UK wants to improve air and nuclear power rather than ‘rationalizing’ gas

The UK is opening up various opportunities and avenues for energy supply, whether to break free from Russian grip on gas or pursue energy conversion projects or focus on green change.

By moving away from fossil fuels and focusing on renewable, nuclear and wind energy, Britain seeks to provide ways to ensure the security of its energy supplies, especially after it was officially announced on March 8 that Russian supplies would be fully distributed. At the end of this year.

The Russian invasion of Ukraine has raised awareness of European dependence on fossil fuels and ways to ensure the security of energy supplies.

European response to the Russian ruble

Following the decision of Russian President Vladimir Putin, European countries have begun to announce emergency measures to implement the payment of rubles to foreign countries for the supply of Russian gas.

One of the Russian gas pipelines – Photo by Reuters

A panel of seven (the United Kingdom, the United States, Canada, France, Germany, Italy and Japan) rejected Putin’s decision earlier this month, confirming its validity.

Officials in the Netherlands announced they would call on their consumers to legalize the use of gas, while Greece demanded an emergency meeting with gas suppliers, and the French energy regulator sought to reassure consumers about fears of supply cuts.

The United Kingdom had a different position, as Transport Minister Grant Shopps made clear that the UK would not follow in the footsteps of the rest of Europe, which sought emergency solutions by regulating gas use if Moscow decided. Stop exporting its products to Europe.

Wind power in the UK

British Transport Minister Grant Shoppe has argued that Ukraine’s invasion came to awaken Europe and the West from their reliance on oil and gas imports, and has rejected plans for ration energy in the United Kingdom.

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Shops insisted that the use of energy in the kingdom was not possible because it was not part of a plan to ensure the safety of supplies and should not be part of that phase.

Coastal Wind Power Station in the UK - Vestas
A Marine Wind Power Station – Archive

Despite the decline in plans to double it by 2030, the Minister of Transport called for a greater focus on coastal wind power generation, noting that there are several suitable sites to build large offshore wind power plants.

This is in line with a study by British ministers to increase the rate of power generation from coastal wind farms from 14 gigawatts to 30 gigawatts by the end of the current decade.

Although Shops suggested the role of overseas wind power in supporting Britain’s energy mix from fossil fuels and Russian supplies, he stressed that the most appropriate option was in favor of sustainable nuclear reactors.

He confirmed to the Sunday Telegraph that the Minister of Transport’s vision was in line with the announcement by the British Government’s Commerce Secretary Kwazi Quarting that his country intended to build 7 nuclear power plants to expand energy security.

Renewable energy and “low” gas

Despite European plans to support energy conversion, green change and the expansion of renewable and clean energy sources, sanctions imposed on Russia have revealed the extent of European involvement in fossil fuel resources.

Shadow Commerce Secretary Jonathan Reynolds agreed, saying that refusing to buy fossil fuel supplies from other countries as an alternative to Russian supplies should “rationalize” the use of fuel.

Renault praised Britain’s “low” dependence on Russian gas supplies and the expansion of transactions with other suppliers, but warned that pressure on these suppliers would increase, with the newspaper saying that prices could rise if European countries barred Russian imports. . Defender For his media reports.

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He called for the release of energy conservation strategies related to generating electricity from renewable and nuclear sources and improving energy efficiency, saying the British government should plan well for the next phase.

But Reynolds rejected the reliance on coastal wind power and expanded its stations and farms to British society, noting that these farms could distort social appearance and increase noise.

Nuclear power

The United Kingdom plans to build seven new nuclear power plants as an alternative to Russian gas as part of its energy security expansion, and the European Union is examining a ban on Russian energy imports following threats to cut supplies to Russia.

Nuclear power in Britain
Nuclear power plants in the UK – Photo courtesy of New Civil Engineer

By 2050, the British plan to build 6 or 7 nuclear power plants at different locations.

As Prime Minister Boris Johnson seeks to increase its share to 25% by the middle of the century, the United Kingdom is counting on the contribution of nuclear power to increasing British electricity emissions from fossil fuels.

However, dealing with the nuclear file in the United Kingdom requires more than one path, including reviving old stalled projects, implementing plans to renovate existing plants, and additionally expanding and building new plants.

Meanwhile, with the file pending its inclusion in the EU green card, the UK needs to find a solution on how to provide support for nuclear programs.

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